Ghostbusters 2 Ecto-1 From Playmobil is a Fan's Dream Toy

Ghostbusters is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and for collectors Playmobil has been killing it with their releases these past couple years. Their Ecto-1 car from the first film was a really fun toy, and to help celebrate the anniversary this year, they have upped their game and released the iconic vehicle from the second Ghostbusters film. Featuring all of the upgrades and deco seen on the screen, this is one playset you are going to want to grab. They were nice enough to send us one for review, so let's take a look at what is one of the best Busters toys that will be released this year.

Playmobil Ecto-1 Ghostbusters 2 Vehicle

One thing they always nail is the packaging. It is so eye-catching, shows off the car and figures really well in both the action scene on the front and the box contents on the back.

Ghostbusters 2 Ecto-1 From Playmobil is a Fan's Dream Toy

This is not a complicated build really, as right out of the box the Ecto-1 car shell is mostly complete. besides adding some stickers here and there and the assembly pieces, you are pretty good to go. two things- Thank you so much to Playmobil for making stickers that adults or kids can use. So many toy companies make these small, hard to peel stickers and it is annoying. My daughter and I could both easily remove and apply them as necessary, and that is awesome. Second- be careful with the wheels. The plastic shell that goes inside is super hard to remove from the rubber if you put it in there wrong. Not impossible, just very frustrating.

All four Ghostbusters are included, in their darker jumpsuits from the film. I actually have always really liked these, and they nailed the look here. I love the slime canisters, I am glad we got two of those to go with two proton packs to mix things up a bit. Can I also just say that Playmobil's version of Egon is incredible? All of them have zero issues holding their accessories, and are just great figures. Also included is one of their cool app-based traps, which we have taken a look at before.

We are here for the car though, and boy is it awesome once you are done building it. Like the previous version, the top lifts off and inside are seats for all four Ghostbusters, along with a place to put the proton packs and such. I do wish the back cab was a little bigger to hold all of their attachments a little better, but thats ok. The top of the car features lights and the siren noise, easily activated by a button push. Three triple-a batteries are needed so keep that in mind. The radar dish on top rotates, and even the signs on either side are reflective and change as you pass them.

Playmobil just does a really great job capturing all of the small details on the car, and that makes for a fun, authentic play experience for Ghostbusters fans both old and new. This is even a great piece just to throw onto your shelf as a collector as a display piece.

We really have to hand it to them. they have become one of our favorite Ghostbusters toy makers, and hopefully they can branch out into villains and more soon! If you want to add this to your own collection now, you can do so here.


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