Let's Take A Look At Playmobil's New Dragons Playsets

Playmobil has had some really awesome sets these last couple of years, but their best has been their line of sets based around the Dreamworks Dragons films and show. Some of the best toys on the market right now, they have gone whole hog into producing some of the best fantasy toys that I have seen on the shelf in a good long time, and their new wave of sets puts what has come before to shame. Featuring a set for each of the main Dragons, they were kind enough over at Playmobil to send the new wave over to show everyone, so let's take a look at what is available and why you need to get them.

Let's Take A Look At Playmobil's New Dragons Playsets
Dragons Sets

Playmobil Hits The Dragons Sets Out Of The Park

Playmobil sent over six sets in total, each focusing on a different Dragon and their human companion, and then a playset with a catapult for the sheep included across the line. One thing I will always say about Playmobil is that they always nail the packaging. Bright and eye-catching, these will jump off the shelf at you when you see them. After opening them, it was hard to choose, but my standouts are the ones we will take a look at the Gobber the Belch with Sheep Sling set, Astrid and Stormfly, and Snotlout and Hookfang.

First, the catapult. This is the most complex set I opened, which means it required the most assembly. It only took about ten minutes, though, and that is because I put the stickers on backward on the doors to the nets. I love that you can customize those and put whichever Dragon you want on the doors, and the stickers are interchangeable so you can switch them out—nice work there, Playmobil. Gobber is a great figure as well; the peg leg and switchable hand tools are great and make this one stand out. After assembling it, I tried my luck at getting a sheep in the baskets. I was not successful. Not because the toy is not well made, it is. One of the better interactive playsets I have gotten my hands on from Playmobil.

As far as the Dragons themselves go, the standouts to me are Astrid with Stormfly and Snotlout with Hookfang. Each comes with minimal assembly; all you have to do is attach the wings and the saddle and go. The Vikings look incredible, especially the details on their outfits and helmets. But that pales in comparison to the Dragons. The wings feature awesome articulation and can pose pretty much however you want them to. They stand well and feature some of the best paint aps and deco you will find on a figure on the shelf right now in any line from any company.

Playmobil really went all out on these, and they should be applauded for that. This is a kid's line, after all, but they don't ever skimp on their products despite that. These are for collectors of any age and are a ton of fun to play with or display on your collecting shelf. Of what we opened, our favorite is the Astrid and Stormfly, with the Dragons blue hue and big bug eyes capturing our hearts the second we took him out of the box. Many thanks to Playmobil again for sending these over. These are in stores now and can also be bought online here.

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