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Neil Gaiman & Armando Ianucci
Neil Gaiman, co-creator of Sandman, Neverwhere, Mirror Mask, Stardust and Good Omens, author of American Gods, Coraline and Norse Mythology, writer on Babylon 5, Doctor Who, and so, so so much more, is joining Armando Iannucci, co-creator of On The Hour, The Day Today, Alan Partridge, Friday Night Armistice, Gash, Time Trumpet, The Thick Of[...]
Rainbow Rowell & Rogê Antônio Relaunch She-Hulk For 2022
And so She-Hulk is getting a brand new comic book by YA novelist and Runaways writer Rainbow Rowell, and Hellions artist Rogê Antônio. And looking a bit like this. Rainbow Rowell & Rogê Antônio Relaunch She-Hulk For 2022 Marvel's sensational powerhouse returns! One of comics' most beloved heroes, Jennifer Walters, A.K.A[...]
Including a new She-Hulk series written by Rainbow Rowell and drawn by Roge Antonio Currently, She-Hulk has been portrayed in a far more savage version of herself, after returning from the dead, and in Avemgers has been turned into a Black Widow-type operative by the KGB's Red Room But that is all to change it[...]
Margaret Stohl & Judith Stephens Write Super-Visible Women Of Marvel
Packed with biographies and illustrations of creators, graphical reprints and excerpts of historic Marvel comics, and exclusive interviews from award-winning actors including Brie Larson, Scarlett Johansson, Ming-Na Wen, Elizabeth Olsen, Evangeline Lilly, Zoe Saldana, Elizabeth Henstridge, acclaimed directors like Chloé Zhao, Anna Boden, Cate Shortland, and Gillian Jacobs, lauded writers such as Kelly Sue DeConnick,[...]
Runaways #38 cover byKris Anka for the 100th issue of Runaways, hitting comic book shops from Marvel Comics on August 11th, 2021.
Is it safe to say the universe will be shaken to its foundations leaving nothing the same again? We have to assume it will be. Series writer Rainbow Rowell reflected on the book: Bringing Runaways back was a dream come true for me These kids are my favorite Marvel characters, and I felt like there were so[...]
Surprise! Runaways #32 Returns Next Week In Comic Book Stores
No time for an FOC, it's just there. Surprise! Runaways #32 Returns Next Week In Comic Book Stores Written by Rainbow Rowell and drawn by Natacha Bustos, many, many months ago, with Bustos now one of Marvel's new exclusive Stormbreaker artists, it will be followed sharpish by #33, drawn by Andres Genolet Marvel Comics also states; As the[...]
Rainbow Rowell and Nachos Bustos' Runaways #32 Returns in February
Such seemed to have happened to Rainbow Rowell, Natacha Bustos and Dee Cunniffe's Runaways #32 Never one of Marvel's biggest sellers in singles, rainbow Rowell's success as a graphic novelist has ensured the series sold well in bookstore collections But with issue #32 being a newly planned story arc, even though Marvel had printed the[...]
Rainbow Rowell Gets Her Wish as Natacha Bustos Joins Runaways #32 for New Story Arc
It looks like Rainbow Rowell has had her wish granted Remember last year, when we reported on this? Then I crossed my fingers and clicked my heels together, and WISHED REALLY HARD for a sixth arc. — Rainbow Rowell (@rainbowrowell) September 9, 2019 There's a really good chance that your library is stocking the Runaways collections And if[...]
Who Will Die in Runaways #30? And Will the Series Survive?
It's also unknown whether the series will continue after this issue, based on tweets by writer Rainbow Rowell from September: Then I crossed my fingers and clicked my heels together, and WISHED REALLY HARD for a sixth arc. — Rainbow Rowell (@rainbowrowell) September 9, 2019 There's a really good chance that your library is stocking the Runaways collections[...]
women of marvel sdcc 2018
Marvel (Kamala Khan), a 16-year-old Pakistani-American, even hit its 50th issue, which featured writers like Rainbow Rowell and Saladin Ahmed and will now star in the new Marvel XD show: Marvel Rising: Initiation. Marvel Rising: Initiation is the show I needed as a kid The trailer features female superheroes Ghost-Spider, Ms Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Quake[...]
julie power runaways
Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka's Runaways is getting a new cast member in April, at least for one issue Runaways #8 reveals that Julie Power will be joining the book Fans of LGBTQ representation at Marvel should be pleased to learn that the relationship between Power and Karolina Dean, which began all the way back[...]
runaways #3
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Runaways #3 from Marvel Comics by Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka, Matthew Wilson, and Joe Caramagna continues the new series of Marvel's teenage (and now older) runaways, and it keeps its streak as one of the best Marvel books out there right now. Following Nico, Chase, Old Lace, and the resurrected Gert as they try to[...]
Kevin Wada Shows Off His Runaways Variant
Kevin Wada revealed his variant cover for Runaways #1 on Twitter this evening. In September, Marvel launches a new Runaways series by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka And sure, that series looks like it may be a stealth limited series, but it's good to see this fan-favorite team, and previously deceased character Gert, back in action, even[...]
SDCC Marvel Cup O' Joe Panel Report: Lackluster And Boring
Bringing editors Nick Lowe, CB Cebulski, Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker the VP of Development of Marvel TV and New Media, and creators Kris Anka, Rainbow Rowell, Sean Ryan and fresh off his Eisner win, Ryan North, the room slowly filled with fans eager to hear what next big thing will be shared with us now[...]
4 Pages From Runaways #1 Appears In New Marvel Previews
The book is due out on September 13th from writer Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park) and artist Kris Anka. The new series will feature Nico, Karolina, Chase, Molly and Old Lace and the long-awaited return of Gertrude Yorkes, who died at the end of Brian K Vaughan and Adrian Alphona's original run. At the time the original series[...]