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Riders Republic Launches Season Three: Summer Break
Ubisoft has released the latest update for Riders Republic today, officially launching Season Three: Summer Break in the game The season is focused around the addition of one specific piece of gear, as they have added the BMX to the mix Which will take some of the cycling courses to a new level as you're[...]
Riders Republic Will Launch Season Two: Showdown On Tuesday
Ubisoft revealed more details today about the second season of Riders Republic launching tomorrow, which they're calling Showdown The season will bring about a few different additions to the game, including a new Showdown Arena in which you and a team of six riders can partner up and take on others to collect lightning throughout[...]
Riders Republic Announces Free Weekend & Prada Collaboration
Ubisoft has announced a brand new collaboration in Riders Republic as they have teamed with Prada, along with a free weekend Staring this week, the Italian fashion brand can be found throughout the game as they have added several items from their iconic red stripe collection, Prada Linea Rossa, to the shops and several points[...]
Ubisoft Reveals First Year Of Content For Riders Republic
Ubisoft took time today to lay out its plans for the first year of content for Riders Republic after they launch the game later this month The content will be two-fold as they have plans to release free seasonal content throughout the year so you can get in on a lot of fun activities that[...]
Riders Republic Will Be Holding A Beta In Late August
Ubisoft announced this week that they're breaking out a beta period for Riders Republic to help work out some of the kinks in the game The beta will be taking place from August 23rd-25th, with the ability to preload the game up on August 21st, as they will offer a small selection of games for[...]
Ubisoft Pushes Back Riders Republic & Rainbow Six Extraction
Ubisoft dropped two surprise announcements today as they are pushing both Riders Republic and Rainbow Six Extractions The shorthand to both statements is that we'll be getting Riders Republic in October instead of September, while Rainbow Six Extractions is being put back all the way to January 2022 Here's are both the statements from the[...]
Ubisoft Announces Riders Republic During UbiForward
During the UniForward livestream event yesterday, Ubisoft revealed a new game on the way for extreme sports fans with Riders Republic The game is designed to give players the experience of playing multiple extreme sports in a populated online world where you can test yourself or compete against players online in various sports Some of the[...]