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Jason Pearson, Creator Of Body Bags, Died In December, Aged 52
RIP Jay. JH Williams III: I remember years and years ago us discussing our mutual love of Michael Golden's art — Despite the unfortunate difficult problems that plagued Jason Pearson, it's sad that he's passed away, and I hope there is some sort of peace. Kody Chamberlain: Damn This one hits hard Jason Pearson has passed away,[...]
Comic Creator Carlos Pacheco Has Died, Aged 60
His artistic skill was immeasurable What a loss for us all RIP Will Sliney: The first time I ever got to visit a comic book publisher was DC comics many years ago There I was shown the gold standard of what a comic book page was It was an original page by Carlos Pacheco I still[...]
Mitch Drucker, Cosplayer, Dies At New York Comic Con, RIP
RIP. Mitchell Drucker, known as Mitch, a well-known and much-loved cosplayer, died at New York Comic Con this weekend Jenna Merchant posted the following to social media "To all friends & family of Mitchell Drucker Unfortunately, Uncle Mitch passed away unexpectedly this morning while attending his favorite event New York Comic Con We are very[...]
French Comics Creator François Corteggiani Passes Away, Aged 69
In 2015, he even got into trouble for writing and drawing a vitriolic strip about a local far-right politico Bold, brave, funny, prolific, a born storyteller, François will be greatly missed by everyone in the French comics industry." François Corteggiani was a prodigious French comic book writer, editor and artist who studied art, and worked[...]
Tom Palmer Sr, Inker Extraordinaire, Dies At The Age Of 81
RIP, Tom. CB Cebulski: Gutted by the news of Tom Palmer's passing Yet another comic legend has left us Aside from being an incredible inker and painter, Tom was a true gentleman He was like Obi-Wan to so many young editors, freely sharing his experiences and wisdom with us all Rest in peace, Tom. Dean Haspiel: Sad[...]
Ron Zimmerman
It was internal debate over the comic book that would, eventually, lead to publisher Bill Jemas being dropped by Marvel after the next reorganisation of the executives. After this period, Zimmerman didn't write for comic books again, but had plenty of scriptwriting, screenwriting and producing work to follow. It has been reported by friends and family[...]
Tim Sale
RIP Mr Sale You were one of the very best that will ever be. Matt Wagner: Hey gang…today I'm so incredibly saddened by the passing of Tim Sale, an extraordinary artist and one of my dearest friends for the past 35 years Tim was like a brother to me and, even though we never lived in the[...]
The Man Who Brought Back Marvelman, Garry Leach, Has Died Aged 67
RIP Chris Weston: I'm saddened to hear about the passing of Garry Leach, one of Britain's greatest comic artists Here's a page we worked on together. 2000AD: Everyone at 2000 AD is deeply saddened to announce the passing of artist Garry Leach at the age of 67 Dave Gibbons: Sorry to learn that Garry Leach has passed away[...]
Comic Book Creator, Tom Veitch Dies Aged 81, RIP
Other early books of poetry include "Toad Poems", "Cooked Zeroes", "My Father's Golden Eye" and "Death College".  From 1965 to 1968 Tom was a cloistered Benedictine monk in Weston Vermont.  The copper-enamel crucifix he sculpted still hangs in the main chapel at Weston Priory. Tom Veitch CC BY-SA 4.0 In 1968 he moved to San Francisco where[...]
Tributes Paid To Barry Cryer, Who Died Today Aged 86
RIP old friend Simon Blackwell: So very sad to hear that Barry Cryer has left us A superb writer and performer, and such a wonderful man The heart of British comedy. Tim Worthington: Another remarkable thing about Barry Cryer – where so many of his contemporaries went down the grumpy old man 'never heard of them/it' route,[...]
Comic Creator Ryan "BodE" Bodenheim Dies, Aged 44 RIP
RIP Joshua Dysart: Oh no, I just saw that Ryan Bodenheim has passed away 44 years old Jesus, that's young I never met him, but he did work at Valiant and was doing stuff at Bad Idea and I loved his line I'm so sorry for his friends and family Much love to you all. Robert Venditti:[...]
Comic Creator Ryan "BodE" Bodenheim Dies, Aged 44 RIP
RIP Ryan Bodenheim is survived by his mother Susan Avery, his children Jack and Lily, and his brothers, David and Jonathan. His memorial states; Born in Oklahoma, Ryan spent most of his life in Ohio Best known by those close to him and as an artist as "Bode." He was a tremendous, self-taught artist[...]
Steve Lightle Dies, Aged 61
RIP" Cully Hamner: Just learning of this Steve Lightle's run on LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, in particular, was some of the great, underrated work of the '80s and a consistent favorite of mine So recognizable, and just solid as a rock Sincere condolences to his family, friends, and fans. Fabian Nicieza: Just learned of the sudden passing of[...]
Comics Folk Remember The Late Richard Corben — Mike Mignola (@artofmmignola) December 10, 2020 Jackie Estrada: RIP the legendary artist Richard Corben, at age 80 He was inducted into the Comic-Con Hall of Fame in 2012 I was fortunate to meet him at a convention in his hometown of Kansas City in 1994 and grabbed these two shots of him.   Sad to hear of[...]
Stella Street's John Sessions Dies, Aged 67, RIP
He also became the Asterix audiobook reader, after the death of my own lookalike Willie Rushton. There was even Doctor Who – General Tannis in webcast Death Comes to Time, audio episodes as Mozart in 100,  Roland of Brittany in Castle of Fear, and the voice of Gus in TV episode, Mummy On The Orient Express. But[...]
Bring Out Your Dead 901: Bleeding Cool's The Walking Dead Live-Blog!
With Angela Kang stepping up as new showrunner, the imminent departure of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and "partial departure" of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) on the horizon, and the looming threat both the Whisperers and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the series looks to be living up to the first episode's title: "A New Beginning." AMC ● This page should[...]
Frank Avruch, Beloved Bozo the Clown Actor, Dead at 89
Radio and television fans around the world are in mourning this week with news that longtime media personality Frank Avruch has passed away at age of 89. With 40 years on the air, the Boston stalwart was best known for playing the iconic Bozo the Clown from 1959-1970.