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Brian Hibbs Closes One Comix Experience Store In San Francisco
Brian Hibbs, one of the longest-serving comic book retailers in the direct market, a major voice and influencer in the industry, and the guy who successfully led a class lawsuit against Marvel Comics and won, is closing one of his Comix Experience stores in San Francisco Just one of them, mind He posts to Facebook; Due[...]
When DC Comics Chased Away Retailers - Brian Hibbs Looks Back on 2020
Brian Hibbs is the Owner of Comix Experience and Comix Experience Outpost comics shops in San Francisco, which he has owned and run for thirty-two years this year He also runs the Graphic Novel of The Month book club, was one of the founders of ComicsPRO, famously led a successful million-dollar-plus Class Action lawsuit against[...]
Rah Muzic Sues Marvel and Sony Over Venom Movie
doing business as Rah Muzic and Rah Records, is suing Marvel, Columbia, Sony and Ten Cent Entertainment, alleging copyright infringement of the song Super Hyphie, as used in the movie Venom. Black And White state that they are the copyright owner of the Super Hyphie sound recording, released in 2005, and states that "Super Hyphie is[...]
The San Francisco comic book chain Comix Experience has been commissioning cartoons by Emma Munger to put in their still-closed store windows and on social media, a new one every day Here are the first four. 🕸💥 Spidey and Iron Man with some sound advice! Everyone stay safe out there! #MaskUp — Comix Experience (@comixexperience) April[...]
Twitch Prime Celebrates Prime Day With Giveaways & Tournaments
Twitch has asked their staff at the San Francisco offices to work from home today after several threats were made toward their main HQ Business Insider and Kouaku have been following the story today, which appears to be a shooting threat In response, the company told their staff to work from home today while they[...]
fuller house
I don't mean just on our side." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Fuller House: The Farewell Season | Announcement [HD] | Netflix ( FULLER HOUSE Season 4 picks up with Danny (Bob Saget), Joey (Dave Coulier), Jesse (John Stamos) and Rebecca (Lori Loughlin) all moving back to San Francisco and followed Kimmy's (Andre Barber)[...]
F**king Incredible Live: Nine Inch Nails 2 Nights in San Francisco
If there is ANY WAY for you to score tickets to one of the remaining dates on Nine Inch Nail's Cold And Black And Infinite tour, you should do it. Nine Inch Nails stage, Photo by Mary Anne Butler San Francisco (night 2) >This< writer says this as having the luck to catch both San Francisco dates[...]
Dominique Crenn: First Female Chef in North America with 3 Michelin Stars
So, needless to say, we know our way around the Food Network, Cooking Channel, and streaming service delicious offerings. Dominique Crenn during her episode of Netflix's "Chef's Table" Crenn's enthusiasm has been infectious since day one, and we are so happy to see her and her team recognized for all their hard work and dedication to their[...]
San Francisco Validates an Election with D&#038;D Dice
The number of phrases which can be said that open with the preface of "Only in San Francisco" is by no means limited Now it seems there's at least one more that can be added to that list – the use of Dungeons & Dragons dice to help validate local election results. Photo by Alison Warner,[...]
An Awkward Evening with David Duchovny in San Francisco
Opera Plaza is one of my favorite places in San Francisco, and my second favorite bookstore (Kepler's in Menlo Park takes that honor) Previously having spent an evening with Anne Rice in the same location, I had really high hopes for the evening. Duchovny seemed lethargically distracted, something that certainly wasn't helped by the moderator of[...]
Ron Howard, R2-D2 and Chewbacca Get in on the NFL Draft
During the NFL draft this morning, when it was time for the San Francisco 49ers to select their pick in the 4th round, the network threw to Ron Howard at Lucas Films in Northern California Howard of course is the director of the upcoming Solo film and he is standing by a Yoda fountain when[...]
Taking a Look: The SFFILM Lineup for 2018's Festival
I'm very lucky to live (and work) in San Francisco, CA The city, with more in common with Ancient Rome than perhaps most modern cities (built on seven hills, cultural and political hotbed, bathhouses, etc.), knows how to deliver a film festival. 2018's San Francisco International Film Festival theme just happens to be diversity and inclusion[...]