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Feel The Power Of The Sights And Sounds Of Boston Comic-Con

By Shawn Perry Last weekend Boston Comic-Con blew the roof off the Seaport World Trade Center and my heart.  On one of the most beautiful weekends of the year thousands of descended on the overmatched venue and the city Fire Marshals had nary a moment's rest but it was awesome… It was the most fun […]

Well The Wake Just Gets Scarier And Scarier Crashing Toward Finale

It was already a horror comic in many ways—I mean all those tight, enclosed spaces on the underwater research station in the first issue reminiscent of being trapped on a space ship in an Alien movie. And don't forget the vindictive, powerful, and inexplicably motivated denizens of the deep who seem to want to wipe […]

Diving Deeper Into The Wake #5: An In-depth Discussion Of The Series So Far

One of our New York correspondents, Elizabeth Heyman, writes for Bleeding Cool: The fifth issue of Vertigo's The Wake was already legendary among the book's readers a month before it was even released. Simply alluding to the particular comic anywhere within earshot of a comic shop or an online forum would always be met with […]

Sean Gordon Murphy To Do An Artbook With Six Up-And Coming New Artists

Sean Gordon Murphy (Hellblazer: City of Angels) has put together quite a unique project and is using kickstarter to make it happen. He is going to work with six up-and-coming students on a two-week apprenticeship during which he and the students will created a 100-page soft cover anthology called Cafe Racer. The concept for the book is that […]

The French Punk Rock Jesus To Be Ten Pages Extra, And In Hardcover

Punk Rock Jesus is concluding next month by Sean Murphy for DC Vertigo. A thirty-two page comic book that actually was a thirty-two page comic book, the six issue collection will be larger than most ten issue collections these days. But that's just not enough for the French market. At the Paris Comics Expo recently, […]

DC Pushes Punk Rock Jesus For July At Chicago

  It's been a while coming certainly. But Punk Rock Jesus #1 by Sean Murphy is solicited by DC Vertigo for July. And while much attention at the show will be towards Marvel's ReEvolution and Avengers Vs X-Men and DC's Batman Year One and Before Watchmen, it's good to know that at the Diamond Summit […]