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The Batman to 2022 The Matrix 4 to 2021 and More Date Changes

The Batman to 2022, The Matrix 4 to 2021, and More Date Changes

We all knew this one was coming. It's time for the new release date game in the era of COVID-19! Earlier today, the news broke that Dune was being pushed back from December 2020 to October 2021, which really isn't that surprising considering the circumstances. There isn't enough room at the box office for Tenet to do […]

Shazam 2 Update: Sandberg Working on Script Hoping to Film Still

"Shazam 2" Update: Sandberg Working on Script, Hoping to Film Still

Shazam 2 was planning on starting to shoot this year, but with the ongoing Hollywood shutdown, everything is kind of up in the air currently Even worse, the film's sister production, Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson was set to film this summer, and now that looks less certain as the days tick by Neither film[...]

Warner Bros. Announces and Dates Shazam 2

Warner Bros. Announces and Dates "Shazam 2"

had announced Shazam 2 Those rumors turned out to be false but in this case, it sounds like they were just a little too early We found out yesterday that Warner Bros gave The Flash a new release date and now they are dating Shazam 2 as well According to Deadline, the movie is looking at an[...]