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Alan Moore’s The Show: Shout! Acquires North American Rights
Fans who have seen Moore and Jenkins' previous short film, Show Pieces and its companion shorts, will know that those were a prequel to The Show Imagine a cross between David Lynch and Alan Bennett, and you're halfway there. Alan Moore and cast in Alan Moore's "The Show," Protagonist Pictures The North American deal was negotiated by[...]
Alan Moore's Movie The Show Premieres in Spain Next Week, Then Online
It is a followup on their five short films, collected as Show Pieces, and tells the story of Nighthampton, a hellish underside to reality populated by the dead, and creatures who could be gods, demons, or light entertainment music hall comedians The festival describes it as "inhabited by vampires and masked avengers; and a black[...]
Alan Moore's Show Pieces Comes To Hulu, iTunes And Amazon In May
© 2012 John Angerson.Filming of Jimmy's End – Northampton The film Show Pieces is getting a screening at the Barbican on the 8th of May followed by a question and answer session with writer Alan Moore and director Mitch Jenkins. Already available as a box set, the film will also be available digitally to iTunes, Hula and Amazon in May as well. This is Moore's first work[...]
Unboxing Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces DVD Box Set can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Unboxing Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces Kickstarter DVD Box Set for ( I kickstartered it It took a little time But this morning, I got something rather special… [...]
A Creator Experiments With Electricomics – Peter Hogan In The Bleeding Cool Interview
Those four comics will be created by Alan Moore and Colleen Doran (Big Nemo), Leah Moore, John Reppion, and Nicola Scott (Sway) Garth Ennis and Peter Snejbjerg (Red Horse), and Peter Hogan and Paul Davidson (Cabaret Amygdala). The idea, strangely enough, originated as a concept developed for Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' short film series Show[...]
Alan Moore Comes To Leeds To Show Off His Show Pieces
Thought Bubble, Britain's biggest comics art festival, runs from the 9th to the 16th of November in Leeds But the Leeds International Film Festival runs from the 5th to the 20th of November. And where they intersect, that's where Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins will be showing off Show Pieces, three of their short The Show films[...]
Tony Lee To Interview Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins For Raindance Festival
On Friday, 26th September, the Raindance Festival is showing Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins compilation film, Show Pieces at Vue Piccadilly in London. After which there will be a Q&A with the pair, hosted by friend-of-Bleeding Cool, Tony Lee. I am expecting a dapper-off between Alan and Tony… On Friday, 26th September, the Raindance Festival is showing[...]
Talking To Khandie Khisses About Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces
Khandie Khisses talked to Bleeding Cool about her role in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces, Khandie Khisses is many things Veteran soldier, burlesque dancer, stand up comedian, occasional contributor to Bleeding Cool – and actor in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces, recently showing at London's FrightFest We bumped into each other at[...]
How Alan Moore Got Hewlett Packard To Scrap Their Tablets
  Photo by Ricky-Marcel Pitcher. At the weekend, I discovered how plans for Mitch Jenkins and Alan Moore's Show Pieces movie forced Hewlett Packard closed down one of their product lines. I'm not sure which one  Was it HP abandoning PCs and tablets in 2011? Or 2012's abandoning Windows 8 tablet plans?  Or in 2013 abandoning in house[...]