BC Toy Spotting: MOTU WWE, Funko, McFarlane DC, and More!

BC Toy Spotting: MOTU WWE, Funko, McFarlane DC, and More!

Welcome to the latest edition of BC Toy Spotting! We are in and out of stores pretty much every day, and we figure (ha!) why not show all of our fellow collectors what we are coming across on pegs and shelves. As collectors, we know that staying on top of what is in stores can […]

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TMNT Ultimate Figures Wave 2 Up For Order, Including Mutagen Man!

TMNT Ultimates Wave 2 figures have been revealed and put up for preorder by Super7, and along with the second turtle, we have two heavy hitter villains and one of the gnarliest looking figures ever to collect. Each figure comes in a slipcase package, along with a plethora of accessories. There is even a "rack" […]

BOOM! Reveals Hot Speculator Tip About Power Rangers/TMNT #3

BOOM! Reveals Hot Speculator Tip About Power Rangers/TMNT #3

It may not be a #1 issue, but explosive publisher BOOM! Studios still wants you to know that the upcoming Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3 is worth picking up, storing in a hermetically sealed plastic bag, and holding onto for twenty years so you can become a billionaire. That's right, an important new character […]

TMNT NECA Reveals Galore: New Two-Packs, 1990 Film Figure Packaging

TMNT NECA Reveals: New Two-Packs, 1990 Film Figure Packaging

TMNT NECA collectors got a couple treats today. They have officially revealed that the third wave of animated figure two-packs will be hitting Target exclusively in the spring. Leatherhead/Slash, April/Bashed Foot Clan Soldier, and Casey Jones/Sliced Foot Clan Soldier will make up that third wave. These TMNT sets are loaded with accessories, including more not […]

Batman Vs TMNT Figures Sets Coming Exclusively to Gamestop

Batman Vs TMNT Figures Sets Coming Exclusively to Gamestop

Batman Vs TMNT figures are coming exclusively to Gamestop stores this fall. DC Collectibles has teamed with Nickelodeon to produce five two-packs of figures based on this years animated feature, releasing in September-December of this year. September will see the release of the Batman and Leonardo pack and the Robin and Raphael pack. October is […]

NECA TMNT Cartoon Two Packs 4

NECA Bringing TMNT Cartoon Figure Two Packs to Target

NECA is bringing their hugely popular TMNT cartoon figures that were exclusive to SDCC 2017 back. Fans who couldn't get their hands on those very hard to get sets will have another shot, as four two-packs of figures will be available exclusively at Target starting late this month/early March. Each Turtle will come packaged separately […]

Examining Morality and Mortality with Shredder in Hell

Oroku Saki has had better days. He's dead, you see, and his decapitated corpse is being prepared by his paramour to house the spirit of the immortal Dragon God. Saki had been the Shredder in life, merciless leader of the Foot Clan of ninjas, and he was just killed by the reincarnated spirit of his […]

Pixels In A Half Shell: We Review Pixel Pals' TMNT Line

Before we hit Thanksgiving weekend, we got a bunch of awesome new Pixel Pals figures int he mail. Our first batch features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, which at the moment is made up of Leonardo, Raphael, Shredder, and a Foot Soldier. As per the usual Pixel Pals design, all of them operate on […]

Exclusive Animated TMNT Set For SDCC

We're at that time of year again, as more and more of the exclusive collectables will be available at San Diego Comic Con will become available. People go crazy for these things, but hopefully no violence will be involved in obtaining this set of ninjas, as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get an exclusive set. […]

A Cartoon Favorite To Make Ninja Turtle Feature Film Debut

Offering a little bit of a spoiler warning in the event that someone wants to be surprised by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. Someone has to be. The first film earned enough to warrant a sequel and there's hardly been a year since the concept — originally from comic creators Kevin Eastman […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Get A New TV Spot

New TV spot for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie with slightly better looks at Shredder and Master Splinter. I find Will Arnett's line of "You're a talking turtle" interesting as he seemed to leave out the word "giant" or "man-sized". At least I think that's something I would have mentioned at that moment. Teenage […]