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Shadow Vol. 3 #4

Writer's Commentary: Dan Watters Talks The Shadow Vol. 3 #4

Dynamite has sent us a writer's commentary from Dan Watters on The Shadow #4 that he co-wrote with Si Spurrier Cover by Lee Weeks with interiors by Ricardo Jaime.Page 1:This issue we’re joined by Ricardo Jaime on art Daniel will be back next issue, but it’s immediately evident that we’re in very good hands[...]

Image Comics – The Future of Fantasy Panel at NYCC

Si Spurrier (Cry Havoc, Angelic ), Justin Jordan (Luther Strode), Meredith Finch (Rose), Sebastian Girner (Scales & Scoundrels, Shirtless Bear-Fighter),  Caspar Wijngaard (Limbo, Angelic), and W Maxwell Prince (One Week In The Library) discussed their various Image fantasy series at NYCC’s “Image Comics - The Future of Fantasy” -panel on Saturday.Spurrier discussed Angelic his “sci–fi[...]

The Shadow

Writer's Commentary – Dan Watters Talks The Shadow #2

This one features Dan Watters talking about The Shadow #2 that he's co-writing with Si Spurrier. Cover by Tyler Kirkham and interiors by Daniel HDR.PAGE 1: As Si mentioned in the commentary for issue 1, I actually came on board with this issue, so this page was the first I ever wrote for the title So I[...]

young animal

NYCC Speculation: Are These The New Faces Of Young Animal?

The auspicious lineup features Riley Rossmo, Tim Seeley, Si Spurrier, Magdalene Visaggio, Joshua Williamson and others!" Now, what is of particular interest are the creators named on this panel: Riley Rossmo, Joshua Williamson, Si Spurrier, Tim Seeley, and Magdalene Visaggio.The panel is a mix of Vertigo and Young Animal, as the two lines seem to be edging[...]

Writer's Commentary – Si Spurrier Talks The Shadow #1

This one features Si Spurrier talking about The Shadow #1 that he's doing with Daniel HDR that comes out today Being a first issue, you know it has a few covers and we have those as well, and by some big names: Kenneth Rocafort, Michael Kaluta, Brandon Peterson, Neal Adams, and Tyler Kirkham.Hello, folks, Si Spurrier[...]

Exclusive Look Inside The Shadow #1 By Si Spurrier And Daniel HDR

Today we have an exclusive look inside the new Dynamite series The Shadow from Si Spurrier (X-Force) and Daniel HDR (Superman). For the better part of a century, the Shadow's sinister laughter brought the chill of fear to evil-doers - but in our modern times, the streets of Manhattan have gone largely silent But he is[...]

Si Spurrier And Emma Price Sign Cry Havoc In Masks – And Party!

Cry Havoc #1 came out today, from Image Comics.Creators on the book, Si Spurrier and Emma Price, were signing copies in Orbital earlier.Like this.They sadly removed them from the subsequent party in Brewdogs, Soho.... Cry Havoc #1 came out today, from Image Comics.Creators on the book, Si Spurrier and Emma[...]

Cry Havoc And Let Loose The Brewdogs Of War

And other examples that don't rhyme quite as easily.Wednesday sees the launch of Cry Havoc, the lesbian werewolf drama by Si Spurrier and Ryan Kelly and published by Image Comics.On the same day, Brewdog Soho, a pub on Poland Street, Soho, will launch a gallery exhibition for the comic book, in their downstairs bar, available[...]

Crossed: Badlands And Crossed +100 In Stores This Week From Avatar Press

Avatar Press (our parent company) has two new books hitting shelves this week. First up is Crossed: Badlands #92 by Max Bemis and German Erramouspe and then Crossed +100 #13 by Simon Spurrier and Rafa Ortiz. Both issue offer a variety of cover options to choose from. Crossed: Badlands #92 Say Anything singer and songwriter, […]

A Comic Book That Is Bigger On The Inside

This is the first page of next week's Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Year Two #3 by Si Spurrier and Simon Fraser Published by Titan Comics, the relaunched series has done a number of surprising things, not the least reviving the character created by the late Steve Moore, Absalom Daak, Dalek Killer.But next week, the comic[...]

Alan Moore Talks About Si Spurrier And Ryan Kelly's Cry Havoc, From Image In January

Si Spurrier, who has been blowing our little minds recently on Crossed +100, has a new comic out in January with Ryan Kelly Cry Havoc, a gritty new fantasy military noir comic published by Image Comics.And oh look, Crossed +100's creator Alan Moore has something to say about it.  “The werewolves of London are chihuahuas compared[...]

Why Si Spurrier's Crossed +100 Is Like Neil Gaiman's Miracleman

I re-read the six issues again last night, surprising myself at what I missed, and gained an even greater respect for the series.And now, just as Marvel are set to reprint the Gaiman/Buckingham Miracleman issues that followed the Moore/Leach/Davis/Austen/Veitch/Totleben story, so Si Spurrier and Fernando Heinz are set to follow a similar path[...]

Warren Ellis And Si Spurrier – When Comics Writers Go Prose

Warren Ellis says, Well, hell.  Look at that.  The cover, by the sainted Roger Strunk, for ELEKTROGRAD: RUSTED BLOOD, a long short story - something over 10,000 words, I forget exactly - and the second Summon Books digital-only release.  A science fiction crime story about theoretical architecture, AI and vintage robotics. The book will be available digitally[...]

Si Spurrier And Ryan Kelly's Cry Havoc To Spotlight Colourists #ImageExpo (VIDEO)

A new comic book series announced at Image Expo, with Si Spurrier and Ryan Kelly, Cry Havoc, about a London hipster whose world undergoes a supernatural shift, who travels to Afghanistan and then somewhere else.[youtube][/youtube]The beginning, middle and end of her story, told side by side.And with three different colourists for each era...Whic will also[...]