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Interior preview page from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #73 SINW
Some folks thought that the events of Amazing Spider-Man and Sinister War would reverse the events of One More Day, in which Mephisto removed the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson from reality With Kindred as a pawn of Mephisto, involving himself in Spider-Man's life even more, as a revived Harry Osborn –[...]
The Beatdown Has Tragic Consequences In Siniste
Marvel Comics solicits today's Sinister War #4 with the phrase "If you think you have seen Spider-Man take a beating, you haven't seen anything this brutal," which is warming and welcoming, no? Sinister War #4 With forty or so Spider-Man villains all piling on him at once, even ones that weren't supposed to be around anymore, resurrected[...]
Cover image for SINISTER WAR #3 (OF 4)
Nick Spencer may already be out the door to Substack, but he was sure to leave an upper decker in the toilet at Marvel before he left in the form of one last event comic: Sinister War! Sinister War #3 is in stores on Wednesday, but you can read a preview right now Enjoy. SINISTER WAR[...]
Kindred In Amazing Spider-Man
And Kindred pops by Sinister War #2 to get himself further involved with Spider-Man's villains with an offer. Sinister War #2 by Nick Spencer and Mark Bagley And he has the kind of offer that a super-villain doesn't get every day What happen to them after their death. Sinister War #2 by Nick Spencer and Mark Bagley Basically it[...]
Cover image for SINISTER WAR #2 (OF 4)
Things aren't looking great for the Wall-Crawler in this preview of Sinister War #2, in stores Wednesday from Marvel Comics The bad guys have got Spider-Man in a bad spot and The Foreigner is well aware that giving a big speech about his evil plans is the best way to allow Spider-Man to escape alive[...]
ASM 71
So which member of the Council Of Mephisto was behind all of this anyway, or has this been a team effort? AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #71 SINW MARVEL COMICS MAY210505 (W) Nick Spencer (A) Federico Vicentini (CA) Mark Bagley SINISTER WAR CONTINUES! Two of the most deadly villain teams are fighting both Spidey and each other, but what is Kindred's role in[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
The Joker #5 beats the Spider-Man Sinister War event launch – but only just And War Of The Bounty Hunters has lifted Star Wars sales too And The Lot from Bad Idea still makes it in…  This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their[...]
One More Day One More Time In Sinister War #1 (Spoi
In Sinister War #1 out today, however, it's more like pouring on the battery acid Harry Osborn has been revealed as Kindred, a demonic creature manipulating Parker's life.  That has dragged itself from hell with a very personal mission of revenge A Harry Osborn that was in hell all this time, forgotten by all while[...]
Spider-Man's Sinister War Closer To One More Day Than Ever (Spoilers)
This week sees the launch of the new Spider-Man event Sinister War Which is smashing various iterations of The Sinister Six enemies of Spider-Man against each other – and against Spider-Man But, as we saw in recent Amazing Spider-Man issues, Kindred is still involved Kindred is a demonic version of Harry Osborn, and Bleeding Cool[...]
Cover image for SINISTER WAR #1 (OF 4)
Sinister War kicks off at Marvel next week, ensuring that Nick Spencer's Spider-Man run can go on just a little bit longer with some of those trademark spinoff issues This mini-series pits Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Six against The Vulture and the Savage Six That's right, Marvel has turned the heroes vs heroes schtick[...]
Spider-Spoilers: Another Spider-Villain Joins Sinister War This Week
Sinister War is the big Spider-Man event that will see Nick Spencer conclude his run on Amazing Spider-Man and also explain what has been going on with Kindred all this time But which Spider-Man villains will make up the Sinister War event? The Sinister Six? The Sinister Twelve? Everyone you might expect? Basically The Marvel[...]
Bryan Hitch No Longer DC-Exclusive On Spider-Man: Sinister War
Sinister War is the big Spider-Man event from Marvel Comics, with Amazing Spider-Man and Sinister War increasing their frequency But that may have hit a few bumpers and the schedule is being spread out into September when it was meant to conclude in August Here are the new changes: Sinister War #1 is still up for[...]
Marvel Comics July 2021 Solicitations
Bleeding Cool combined the announcement yesterday of July's Spider-Man event, Sinister War, with reading the end of yesterday's Amazing Spider-Man #64, to note that it appeared that Kindred, the Hell version of Harry Osborn that struggled its way from the pits to enact vengeance on Peter Parker, his friends and family, might be behind it[...]
Bryan Hitch Not DC-Exclusive, Returns To Marvel With Sinister War
This morning, Bleeding Cool told you that Marvel were to launch a new Spider-Man event, Sinister War, with Kindred potentially controlling Sinister Six – and Twelve – members Now Marvel has taken it all official – as well as including a cover by Bryan Hitch, who was previously an exclusive creator to DC Comics Though[...]