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Beast Kingdom Hits the Court With Space Jam: A New Legacy Statues
Space Jam: A New Legacy is finally in theaters and on HBO Max, giving adults and kids the long awaited Lebron James starring film The added "Warnerverse" to the film seemed to be a little too much, but the Looney Turns still had their time to shine Beast Kingdom is capturing the Tunes on the[...]
Space Jam: A New Legacy Review: WB Shows Off Their IP and Nothing Else
Space Jam: A New Legacy seems to fundamentally miss what made the first one memorable for an entire generation Instead, it is Warner Bros showing off that they own a bunch of different intellectual properties, most of which feel awkward in a kid's movie. Space Jam: A New Legacy Poster © 2021 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc[...]
Space Jam: A New Legacy Is Dropping New Nike Shoes With Xbox
Xbox, Warner Bros., and Nike have all come together today for a special Space Jam: A New Legacy bundle that looks pretty cool The company revealed the bundle, which includes a special controller with a Looney Tunes design to it, along with a pair of LeBron 18 Low shoes that have been designed to match[...]
Candy Crush Saga Has Candified LeBron James For Space Jam Legacy
Space Jam: A New Legacy has a new sponsorship happening as they have candified the Looney Tunes and Lebron James in Candy Crush Saga King Games along with Warner Bros have teamed up for a special event running from July 6th-19th, in which the Space Jam: Tune Squad Takeover will have you collecting basketballs in[...]
Gets A Gameplay Trailer
Xbox Game Studios showed off a brand new trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game, giving us a taste of gameplay The company held a contest with thousands of entries coming in, suggesting what the game should be based on their ideas Two winners were picked and their ideas melded together into a[...]
HBO Max – WarnerMedia’s New Streaming Service (Official Promo) | WarnerMedia
HBO Max adds in July will continue the day, and date theater releases with Space Jam: A New Legacy on July 16th Two other big debuts will hit the streaming service next month, with Steven Soderbergh's new film No Sudden Move available to stream on July 1st and the reboot of Gossip Girl making its[...]
Space Jam: A New Legacy: 5 New Character Posters Highlight the Villains
decided has decided that the villains of Space Jam: A New Legacy needed some love and, in the process, came out with five of the best posters for this movie so far We have five rather well-designed black and white character posters with splashes of color, and they are really well done We also get some[...]
We've been getting teased with lots of posters, but now the trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy is finally here. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Space Jam: A New Legacy – Trailer 1 ( We also got a bunch of Space Jam: A New Legacy character posters and a teaser poster for the movie[...]
Looney Tunes: Warner Bros Should Retire Characters After Space Jam 2
How are we really to define this said legacy? Cherrypicking and kowtowing to social pressure that certain characters just haven't aged into the 21st century as well like Pepe Le Pew, Speedy Gonzalez, and to a certain extent Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd? In light of news that the French skunk has been scrubbed completely[...]
Space Jam: A New Legacy Gets An Arcade-Style Video Game
With Space Jam: A New Legacy on the way, it looks like Warner Bros is going to hype it up in as many ways as possible, including with a game But it's not just going to be any old game, they want you to be a part of it Working with Xbox, they will be[...]
New York City, USA - Jan. 5, 2017: View of AMC Empire 25 theater on 42nd Street, in Manhattan, at night (Image: Mark Zhu /
Kong, Mortal Kombat, Those Who Wish Me Dead, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, In the Heights, Space Jam: A New Legacy, The Suicide Squad, Reminiscence, Malignant, Dune, The Many Saints of Newark, King Richard, Cry Macho and Matrix 4. Like the rest of the theatrical exhibition industry, AMC was rocked today by the shocking announcement that[...]
Space Jam A New Legacy  will star LeBron James and Bugs Bunny. Credit Warner Bros.
The film will now be called Space Jam: A New Legacy The new title was revealed today by the star of the film LeBron James, who will replace Michael Jordan in the sequel Still on board, however, are Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Sylvester, Marvin the Martian, Elmer Fudd, and everyone's favorite[...]