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Summoners War: Lost Centuria Receives A Global Release Date
Com2uS has revealed the official release date for Summoners War: Lost Centuria, the anticipated follow-up to Summoners War: Sky Arena Developed by GAMEVIL, this latest title in the franchise's pantheon will feature new and familiar monsters as well as an all-new battle system for you to check out This will be a card-based, real-time system[...]
Summoners War: Sky Arena Releases Two New Monsters
Com2Us revealed today that they have released two new powerful monsters into Summoners War: Sky Arena for you to battle The two new monsters are Onimusha and Onmyouji, both from Japanese folklore as you'll face off against both of them in different ways Onimusha is a powerful unit that fights with the special power of[...]
Summoners War: Legacy – Image/Skybound Announces Prequel Series
The highly anticipated Summoners War: Legacy by writer Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Reaver) and artist Luca Claretti (Adventure Time Comics) with colors by Giovanna Niro (Star Trek: Nero) and lettering by Deron Bennett (Excellence, Assassin Nation)— launch on April 2021 from Image/Skybound Entertainment in partnership with game publisher Com2uS. "Summoners War: Legacy[...]
Summoners War Championship Will Take Place In Late November
Com2Us revealed this week that they will still be holding the Summoners War World Arena Championship, totally online later this month Players will compete over a $210k prize pool by going head-to-head in an all-virtual event, streaming on Summoners War YouTube and Twitch channels with the championship round happening on November 21st, 2020[...]
Summoners War: Legacy Comic Coming From Skybound and Com2uS
Skybound has teamed up with game publisher Com2uS for a new comic based on their mobile hit Summoners War The series, Summoners War: Legacy, will be written by longtime Image Comics creator Justin Jordan with an art team of Adventure Time Comics' artist Luca Claretti, colorist Giovanna Niro, and letterer Deron Bennett. Summoners War: Legacy #1 cover[...]
Summoners War Adds Two New Master Monsters To The Game
Summoners War fans will be please and also frightened to find out two new monsters to the game with Art Master and String Master Com2uS revealed the details this week along with a trailer for both characters to show them off before they hit the game You can read the notes from the devs on[...]
Summoners War Sixth Anniversary  Art
Com2uS announced today that the company will be throwing a special sixth-anniversary event for Summoners War through May The company is holding a massive giveaway event called "100 Summonings", which will run through May 24th The game has gone from being a small mobile title to bringing in the company over two-billion dollars globally and[...]
"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Semifinals Results
We're live in Paris, France as Com2uS presents the Summoners War Championship 2019 This is it! The Grand Finals match between Thompsin and L'est. Credit: Com2uS/Webedia Summoners War Championship 2019 Match: Thompsin vs L'est Both men came out swinging for the first game, both of them getting the usual bands in to keep the heavy-powered characters out of[...]
"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Semifinals Results
We're live in Paris, France as Com2uS presents the Summoners War Championship 2019 Here are the results of the semifinals featuring the final four. Credit: Com2uS/Webedia Match One: Baus~ vs Thompsin The first match was quickly contested as both men pushed each other to the limit, but Thompsin popped in for the quick takedown ok the healer and[...]
"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Quarterfinals Results
We're live in Paris, France as Com2uS presents the Summoners War Championship 2019 Here are the results of the quarterfinals featuring the top eight players. Credit: Com2uS/Webedia Match One: Judas vs Thompsin The first match showed both men bringing in some of their best builds Both managed to knock out a character a piece early on bringing it[...]
Summoners War World Arena Championship 2019 Comes To Paris
Com2uS has released the finer details on the upcoming Summoners War World Arena Championships (SWC) Americas Cup 2019 as tickets go on sale On Saturday, August 31st, the top competitors in the game will compete in the massive 35,000 square foot OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach, California Throughout the tournament, winners will qualify for[...]
Auto Draft
Some interesting news from Com2Us as the company is boasting about a resurgence in popularity for Summoners War after the game's last update After sending out an update on June 13th for the game's fifth anniversary, the company says it went on to take the top spot for Apple App Store sales in Europe, South[...]
SWC2019 is COMING SOON! Summoners War 서머너즈워
This week, OGN and Com2uS have announced a new partnership where they will be holding a special Summoners War World Arena Championship This tournament will kick-off online this weekend and run all the way until the end of August, where the finalists will be competing in Paris for the championship and a $210k prize pool[...]
Summoners War World Arena Championship 2019 Comes To Paris
Com2Us announced this week that the Summoners War World Arena Championship 2019 would be taking place this August in Paris, France The company is currently taking tournament applications from May 15th through June 7th with a prize pool of $210k, with representatives being selected from the Asia-Pacific Cup, Europe Cup, America Cup, and more all[...]
Com2uS Announce a New RTS Game Summoners War: Lost Centuria
Com2Us revealed a brand new mobile real-time strategy game set in the Summoners War universe with Summoners War: Lost Centuria There's not a ton of info out about the game, but here's what we do know It will take place during the chaotic Lost Centuria period as you'll take control of your own domain and be put in[...]