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Superman #44 cover by Patrick Gleason and Alejandro Sanchez
The Super Friends references are nice, but Boyzarro is the only other Bizarro character anywhere near sympathetic The comic seems to know that too, as the finale is a somber moment between Bizarro and Boyzarro. The Bizarro speech is still exceedingly hard to follow when almost every character is using it This language is such a[...]
His first Saturday morning that was filled with cartoons on multiple channels was amazing and the Super Friends was one of the first ones he saw and he was instantly hooked He talks about how drawing kept him out of trouble He would draw scenes from the movies he saw and it was a great[...]
DC Superhero Board Games For 2012 To Look Back Forty Years
Warners and Wonder Forge are to make DC Super Friends and Justice League board games, with Super Friends aimed at preschool children in time for Christmas 2012 and Justice League games for kids 8 and over to follow in 2013. It may seem odd to aim a seventies-associated brand as Super Friends at the youngest kids[...]