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Animaniacs (Official) Trailer | A Hulu Original
Many of them are, of course, holiday and Christmas films, although action franchises The Expendables and Jason Bourne films join the service, along with a bunch of Bond films from all eras and comedy Knocked Up Seriously, I think this is the biggest amount of films Hulu has ever added in one month TV Shows[...]
Sylvester Stallone
Just when you thought all of the light in the world had been extinguished… that all hope in the world was gone… we present you this moment of pop culture "zen": Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, Creed II, The Expendables – like you didn't know already) are teaming up for an action-drama series[...]
The Expendables 4 Will See Off The Franchise In 2018
The Expendables has already seen three movies, of pretty middling quality thus far, but the core draw of the series (getting tons of B-Movie action stars from the 80s together) reamains a fun idea. It seems we are in store for one last ride though. The Hollywood Reporter are saying that The Expendables 4 is set for[...]
Terry Crews – Actor, Athlete And Artist
From his role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine to The Expendables movies and the Old Spice commercials, the guy is everywhere His role on Newsroom was small but scene stealing opposite Jeff Daniels And before he ever worked in Hollywood, he was bouncing around the NFL playing for the Rams, Chargers and even over in NFL Europe. But[...]
The Expendables 2 – The Bleeding Cool Review
Make no mistake; The Expendables 2 is a terrible film With careless plotting, a lazy reliance on cliché and one of the worst sound mixes of any mainstream release in history it's a slap in the face to the Cahiers du Cinema set. But if you're willing to overlook all that, it's kind of OK[...]