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A Captain America themed puzzle by Mondo.

Mondo Offering New Movie Themed Puzzles, Including Captain America

Joe, and The Iron Giant are featured The puzzles feature the artwork of Francesco Francavilla, DKNG, 100% Soft, Jason Edmiston, Matt Ryan Tobin, and Rory Kurtz Mondo has been in the puzzle business for a bit, and this is, however, the most they have put up for order at one time Each puzzle retails for[...]

The Iron Giant Brings the Power With New Mondo Figure

The Iron Giant Brings the Power With New Mondo Figure

The Iron Giant is back and this time he is better than ever We recently covered a new Iron Giant figure that recently was exclusive to Walmart and you can find that here However, Mondo wants to dominate the iron Giant market as they announce their newest Mondo Mecha Figure This figure stands 12.5” tall, has[...]

“The Iron Giant” Stands Tall With New Walmart Exclusive Goldlok Figure

"The Iron Giant" Stands Tall With New Walmart Exclusive Goldlok Figure

The Iron Giant debuted nearly 20 years ago and it still stands its ground The cult classic cartoon still has a massive fanbase and fans can get some nice collectibles still The newest figure from the Warner Brothers classic is a Walmart Exclusive figure from Goldlok The figure stands 14” tall, walks, has lights, sounds and[...]

'Ready Player One' Releases 'Dreamer' Trailer, Yes There's Some New Footage

It was designed by Scott Hopko of Hopko Designs, and we love it.[caption id="attachment_811202" align="aligncenter" width="600"] HopkoDesigns fab 'Ready Player One' poster featuring The Iron Giant and Parzival doing his 'Say Anything' impersonation[/caption]Ready Player One is set to open in theaters on March 29th, and tickets are on sale now.[...]

These 'Ready Player One' Reimagined Classic Movie Posters Are AMAZING

I really want to see what's reflected in the car's windshield there.[caption id="attachment_806358" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Classic 80's vampire movie Lost Boys[/caption]Here's hoping we get some of the soundtrack from The Lost Boys in RP1.[caption id="attachment_806359" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Probably my favorite change from the book, the addition of Iron Giant[/caption]Again, not an 80's film, but The Iron Giant is[...]

Check Out These Funko 'Ready Player One' Pops!

Ready Player One Funko Toy Fair Exclusives[/caption][caption id="attachment_793837" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Another look at the figures Ready Player One Funko Toy Fair Exclusives[/caption][caption id="attachment_793838" align="aligncenter" width="600"] THE ONE THAT MADE ME YELL, our favorite change from the source material- The Iron Giant, with the bump on his head[...]

Ready Player One: Final Trailer Full of Pure Imagination

"I'm practicing my Mario Kart," Aech says.The scene of The Iron Giant waking up — I cannot explain how much I love this choice It's a change from the book to the film that I personally am okay with because of my own emotional attachment to Brad Bird's magical animated film about the robot.[caption id="attachment_779004" align="aligncenter"[...]

Iron Giant Tiki Mugs Now Available From Mondo

All three are 16 ounce glasses.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="784815,784820"] We’re so excited to announce the arrival of our IRON GIANT Ceramic Tiki Mugs inspired by Brad Bird's animated classic! The mug is hand-glazed, holds 16 fluid ounces, and perfect for holding your drink while stealing your heart.The IRON GIANT Tiki Mug will have three different glazeways available[...]

Ready Player One

New Ready Player One Trailer Will Be Released on Sunday, in Texas

There will ALSO be a Q&A with Ernie. of us, while critical the first trailer didn't follow the book as closely as we'd hoped, were thrilled to see additional IPs like The Iron Giant and Freddie Kruger added in There is also (of course) an Easter egg in the trailer.[caption id="attachment_757395" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Pictured here[...]

The Giant's Dream Teaser Offers A Glimpse At The Making Of The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant will finally receive the Ultimate Edition treatment next month with a deluxe Blu-ray set (and a disc-only option for those more frugal) One of the included special features is the magnificent documentary The Giant's Dream: Making The Iron Giant Told by the animators who lived through it -- with the aid of[...]

Brad Bird On The Likelihood Of The Iron Giant 2 And Hand-Drawn Animation

The upcoming documentary, The Giant's Dream: The Making of the Iron Giant, outlines some of the obstacles director Brad Bird faced while making The Iron Giant: a short schedule, a tiny budget and a studio becoming gunshy with its recently established feature animation division In the end, the film bombed at the box office, but lived[...]

New Movies With Mikey Considers The Message Of The Iron Giant And The Events In Orlando

Mikey Neumann has posted a new Movies with Mikey in which he takes a look at the poorly marketed 1999 Brad Bird film The Iron Giant He talks about the underlying message of tolerance in the film, but is blindsided by the events in Orlando, Florida two weeks ago and makes a heartbreaking plea.[youtube][/youtube]I remember[...]

The Iron Giant Comes To Signature Edition Blu-Ray HD. "Sooooooooperman…."

An adaptation of the Ted Hughes book The Iron Man: A Childrens Story In Five Nights into American Cold War paranoia by Brad Bird resulting in The Iron Giant.It flopped on release but as become more appreciated over the years, especially with Bird's rise into Pixar.And now it's being released as a Signature Edition Blu-ray and[...]

Warner Bros. Iron Giant Documentary Looking For Archival Material

According to Cartoon Brew, documentarian Anthony Giacchino is working on a look at the making of The Iron Giant for its eventual Blu-ray release He's also looking for archival materials from anyone involved with the film.He tells the site that he's looking for crew members who have "a good story to tell or perhaps photos/videos[...]

Iron Giant Returns To Theatres; Blu-ray Announced (Updated)

I saw Brad Bird's feature debut, The Iron Giant, at the time of its release in 1999 in a mostly empty theater at the old AMC Century City 14 in Los Angeles It was a brilliant film largely ignored at the time Bird went on to direct The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol[...]