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Avengers One Million BC #1 Will have The Secret Origin Of Thor
Recent issues of Marvel Comics' Avengers have revealed that Thor is the son of not only Odin by the Phoenix Force herself, as manifested on Earth in the year One Million BC And that team is getting its own spinoff one-shot, featuring characters that would one day have more familiar forms, such as a Ghost[...]
Thor appears in Marvel's Venus #12.
There were several comic book depictions of the mythological god Thor before the famous Marvel character we know today which appeared Journey into Mystery #83 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.  Kirby himself did work on several prior versions, including in Adventure Comics #75 (June 1942), Boy Commandos #7 (Summer 1944), and Tales of the[...]
Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Ulik the Troll King Pre-Orders Arrive
Thor fans are in for a real treat as the Marvel Legends Ulik the Troll King figure finally is up for pre-order This deadly troll is ready to throw down and will be released as a Walmart Exclusive figure Getting a deluxe release, this figure features premium Marvel Comics accurate detail and high end articulation[...]
Pre-orders Arrive for Hasbro’s Newest Marvel Legends Retro 3.75 Figures 
Pre-orders for the newest wave of the Marvel Legends Retro line have arrived, and this wave includes Black Widow, The Thing, Thor, and Green Goblin Each figure comes with an additional accessory (besides The Thing), like Mjolnir, Goblin's glider, and Widow's crossbow. This retro toy line is a fantastic line and pretty simple and perfectly priced[...]
New Avengers Forever Infinity Comic Ties In With Donny Cates' Thor?
To be fair we didn;t know about it until lately. Over in recent Thor by Donny Cates and Nic Klein, it has been revealed that Mjolnir is a living sentient god in her own right, the God Of Hammers And defines worthiness in a brand new fashion as well. Well, Jason Aaron and Donny Cates have been[...]
Full Marvel Comics June 2022 Solicits & Solicitations
Thor has been suffering from a lot of problems lately, most of them having to do with his "lifting his hammer." But despite struggles with impotency, the Odinson has always had a strong sense of duty.  But in a new comic by Ralph Macchio and Todd Nauck, Thor will abandon Asgard "in her greatest hour[...]
Marvel's Jane Foster & Mighty Thor In June Ahead Of Love & Thunder
So there's a new Thor movie coming out soon, Love And Thunder, with Jane Foster taking on the role of Thor, just as the comic books did a few years ago And so, even though that's no longer the case in the comic books, with Jane Foster as the new Valkyrie, the comics do have[...]
Banner of War June Solicits: Of Course Iron Man Screws Things Up
And once again, according to the solicit for Thor #26, the penultimate issue of Banner of War, his "interference causes more harm than good." Sounds about right. Check out the full solicits, which we previously got a little glimpse of, below: THOR #26 – "Banner of War" Part Four Written by DONNY CATES Art by MARTIN COCCOLO Cover by GARY[...]
Marvel Comics Launches Alligator Loki Comic On Marvel Unlimited
In the first issue, "Family Bonding," Alligator Loki and Thor get to know one another at an Asgardian amusement park! Marvel Unlimited Infinity The series creative team includes writer Alyssa Wong, artist Robert Quinn, and colorist Pete Pantazis New issues of the 12-part series will be available every other Friday. ALLIGATOR LOKI #1 Writer: Alyssa Wong Artist: Robert Quinn Colorist: Pete[...]
Cover image for THOR #23 NIC KLEIN COVER
Thor has finally conquered his Daddy Issues in this preview of Thor #23… will he finally stop having problems with his "hammer?" Or do we need another run with dozens of issues to explore Thor's struggles with impotence? Probably the latter, to be safe Check out the preview below. Thor #23 by Donny Cates & Nic Klein,[...]
Miles Morales To Be Thor And Hulk As Wel
Well in the first issue out today, we get to see who else may be on the list with a presumed What If Miles Morales Was Thor for June and for July the surprising What If Miles Morales Was… Spider-Man? That may be a fun way to bring it round to the 616. Because, just as[...]
PrintWatch: Roaring 20s
PrintWatch: Source Point Press is putting their Roarin' 20's World's Fair one-shot comic from Josh Sobek, Chris Hamann, Gary Sobek and Milena Deneno back into print, and through Diamond Comic Distributors, up for FOC today. PrintWatch: Roarin' 20's World's Fair Comes Back For Seconds – second print cover ROARIN 20S WORLDS FAIR 2ND PTG (MR) SOURCE POINT PRESS JAN221654 (W)[...]
Marvel Comics Throg is Worthy with Beast Kingdom’s Newest Statue
One memorable moment in Thor adventures from Marvel Comics is when Loki turns the God of Thunder into a frog This hilarious moment gave comics fans the first debut of Throg, who has stayed in the coming ever since Beast Kingdom has revealed their newest Marvel Comics D-Stage statue with Throg battling a might crocodile[...]
Thunder Strike Sideshow as They Debut New Marvel Comics Thor Statue
Sideshow Collectibles is bringing the thunder as they reveal their newest Marvel Comics Premium Format Figure with Thor The God of Thunder is loaded with incredible detail as the Avenger stands 22" tall, and features a luscious fabric cape Featuring his classic Marvel Comics design, Marvel fans are treated with an impressive statue that is[...]
PrintWatch: Looking at second prints for House Of Slaughter #4, Avengers #53, Hulk #4, Iron Fist #1, Thor #22 and Venom #5 Also Secod Sight Publishing has announced that they will be selling second prints of their own titles, exclusively on their website. PrintWatch: Avengers #53 spotlights the new Red Panther suit for T'Challa dealing with[...]