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Digimon: 25 Years of Fun Adventures
Nothing will ever compare to how the "Brave Heart" song makes me feel when it starts playing: invincible. That said… Is this a promise for more Digimon to come? Image: Toei Animation Screencap I have written about Digimon many times throughout the years, so I will keep this one short and sweet[...]
Dragon Ball Z Gets More G FUEL Tie-in With Gohan Blackberry Tea
Dragon Ball Z is getting even more energy drink tie-ins as G FUEL, the ultimate Game Changer in the energy drink universe, collaborates with Toei Animation Inc and its U.S agent Crunchyroll to bring you a taste sensation like no other! Introducing G FUEL Gohan Blackberry Tea, an all-new flavor coming soon to in[...]
Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning is a Franchise High (REVIEW)
However, after potentially closing out the exceptional stories of the first generation of DigiDestined with the groundbreaking film Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna in 2020, longtime legacy fans were still clamoring for more adventures with these established characters and their second-gen allies, especially considering that the original DigiDestined are so closely intertwined with the equally popular[...]
one piece
In addition, 2024 also marks the 25th anniversary of the long-running & influential anime take – and Toei Animation is making it clear that it's going to be a big year for animated pirates To kick things off, the animation studio released a look at the special logo for the event – flashing back to[...]
Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning Drops a New Trailer and Poster
And after the last emotional (solid) cinematic installment a few years ago, fans are desperately clinging to hope that there's a potential chance to witness a more optimistic turn of events. Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning (Toei Animation) With the next film poised to hit theaters in the fall, Toei is finally previewing the movie (via Digifest[...]
One Piece: English Dub to Stream on Crunchyroll from July 5th
After premiering the highly-anticipated 1,000th English dubbed episode of the iconically endless anime series One Piece at Anime Expo 2023 last night with Toei Animation, Crunchyroll hoisted the flags during its industry panel today to announce that the English dub will set sail to join its extensive streaming catalog starting July 5 and will be[...]
Now, after a brief period without any news about the film's status, there has been a reveal showcasing the next-gen DigiDestined all grown up! Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna | Photo Credit: Toei Animation During a recent live stream event for Digimon, it was confirmed that the original voices actors from the previous films would reprise their[...]
Dragonball Super: Super HERO: Crunchyroll Unveils Global Release Plans
Crunchyroll and Toei Animation released additional details for the global theatrical release of Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO, the newest film in the worldwide anime blockbuster franchise, including a new trailer and new English voice cast The film will be available in both English dub and subtitled and will arrive in more than 2300 theaters[...]
The Dragon Ball Collection from Toei Animation is Now on Crunchyroll
For the first time ever, Toei Animation's productions of the original Dragon Ball series are now available to watch on Crunchyroll in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand As of March 15th, the English dubs of these 3 previous series join Dragon Ball Super which is currently available in English subtitles on the[...]
One Piece: 1,000th Episode of Anime Airs on Funimation November 20th
Toei Animation and Funimation will co-host a global livestream fan celebration coinciding with the broadcast. "One Piece" 1,000th episode key art courtesy of Toei Animation, Funimation On October 20, 1999, Toei Animation launched Captain Monkey D Luffy and his colorful crew of Straw Hat pirates on a voyage that, as of today, has spanned 22-years and created[...]
Exclusive Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna Clip Prepares for Battle
The clip previews the new English dub by Toei Animation, which reunites almost all of the original voice cast for a true dose of the best nostalgia imaginable. The series recently celebrated a monumental 20th anniversary, which will now end an era for the original DigiDestined that have grown up with a generation of Digimon fans[...]
Breaking Down the New "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna" Trailer
I did want Kokomon to be there as well as Gummymon as our answer to the ending of the Digimon Adventure 02 movie The Golden Digimentals. Photo Credit: Toei Animation BC: Was this particular ending the film meant to be the final chapter, or is there still room for more story with this group of DigiDestined? Kinoshita: We[...]
Tai joins Agumon on Digimon Adventure 2020, courtesy of Toei Animation.
I wonder if it will go the distance and make the movie canon as it deviates from the source material, with us getting some sense of how this may go in the meeting between Tai and Agumon (which hit me with that same level of "Awww" as I remembered it the last time). Tai and Agumon[...]
“Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna" Delivers Maturity and Heart
With that includes the occasional rut, with Matt and Tai both feeling almost disconnected from their passions and unknown life path. Toei Animation Some of them have entirely strayed from their youth, as Sora has retired as a DigiDestined and is truthful more scorned than we've seen her at any point in life Growing up seems to[...]
What We're Excited to See in "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna"
Digimon fans are in for a treat, with Toei Animation and Fathom Events announcing that the US Digimon lovers will receive an opportunity to witness the epic event in theaters very soon. The announcement was shared on Wednesday, explaining that Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna will be screened for US audiences with a limited release starting[...]
What We Know About "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna"
For longtime fans, this idea of each character having a life without their job as a DigiDestined is a tough pill to swallow, but like all things — it's time to head into the next chapter of life, no matter how disheartening it can be. Return of Digimon Adventure 02 Toei Animation In the first film of Digimon[...]
Two New Sailor Moon Tabletop Games are On Their Way
The games are based on Naoko Takeuchi's manga series and the new anime from Toei Animation, and they tell the story of Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Guardians as they battle to stop evil forces. The partnership will take effect this year, which will see the release of two new Sailor Moon tabletop games: the Season 3 expansion[...]