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Cover image for HAIRBALL #1 (OF 4) CVR A KINDT
Matt Kindt's new Flux House imprint at Dark Horse Comics launches Hairball with Tyler Jenkins, and it's all about the cats as well as John Allison and Max Sarin's Great British Bump Off, Steve Foxe and Piotr Kowalski's All-Eight Eyes, all launching in the Dark Horse April 2023 solicits and solicitations. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float:[...]
Hairball: Kindt, Jenkins, & Jenkins Launch Purrfect New Horror Comic
Coming next year from Dark Horse Comics and the Flux House imprint, writer Matt Kindt, artist Tyler Jenkins, and colorist Hilary Jenkins bring us Hairball, a supernatural thriller in which "a dysfunctional family's mounting problems may or may not be caused by an unlikely culprit: the family's cat" Is the cat the villain, or is[...]
Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins, and Hilary Jenkins' Apache Delivery Service.
Apache Delivery Service is a new comic book series by Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins, and Hilary Jenkins, the creative team behind Fear Case, launching from Dark Horse Comics on January 2022. Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins, & Hilary Jenkins' Apache Delivery Service In the jungles of Vietnam, two men are on the hunt for a cache of missing gold[...]
Snow Blind Graphic Novel Adaptation Nabs Jake Gyllenhaal To Star
The original book was by Ollie Masters and Tyler Jenkins The film will be written by Patrick Ness, who previously wrote the film script for A Monster Calls, and is also working on a new adaptation of Lord of the Flies for Warner Bros Pictures The biggest news, however, is that Spider-Man: Far From Home[...]
But it's a new week and we've got another Boom book dominating collector coverage thanks to a now seemingly deleted tweet by writer Matt Kindt about his hit series Black Badge with artist Tyler Jenkins from Boom: Now Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins' Black Badge is Selling for $125 Image from Twitter. This prompted an alert from[...]
Grass Kings Vol. 1: A Little Boring but Builds Potential
 This is evident in other areas of the book, with two pages being designated to a pair of boys generically reviewing movies they like. Unfortunately for readers who picked this up as single issues, I assume the first few issues would not have been enough to garner further interest into finishing part one of Kindt's work. [...]
Earn Your Preview Badge With This First Look at Black Badge #4
Matt, Tyler, Hilary, and Jim bring the first arc of BLACK BADGE to a close in a way that only deepens the mystery to come — you do not want to miss out! From the Eisner-nominated creative team of Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins, Black Badge #4 is set to hit stores on November 21st, so[...]
First Look at Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins's Black Badge #3
BOOM! Studios has released a first look at the upcoming Black Badge #3, the next chapter of the comic by Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins about an elite group of boy scouts used for black op missions by the government Based on a true story Probably. The comic is hitting stores on October 17th, and in[...]
First Look at Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins's Black Badge #2
BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at the second issue of Black Badge, the hit new series by Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins about an elite team of boy scouts doing black ops for the government, based on a true story (probably). Meet the Black Badges, a top-secret, elite branch of boy scouts tasked by[...]
Black Badge #1 cover by Matt Kindt
Tyler Jenkins employs even more caricature-like tactics for the characters than in Grass Kings, and Hilary Jenkins continues pale and faded shades occasionally cast against darker and more solidified color. Black Badge #1 is am absurd yet chilling story of four young individuals going out into the far corners of the world to commit military espionage[...]
black badge #1
BOOM! Studios has released a first look inside Black Badge #1, the new ongoing series from Grass Kings creative team Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins The series was announced back in May In the press release, BOOM! Senior Editor Eric Harburn drew the short straw and was forced to provide the latest in a never-ending[...]
Grass Kings #15 cover by Tyler Jenkins
Will the killer face the justice they deserve? Will they get away? Will the Grass Kingdom survive? Grass Kings #15 cover by Tyler Jenkins Grass Kings #15 brings an understated yet brutal conclusion to Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins, and Hilary Jenkins' series Not all questions are thoroughly answered, but you are given a general idea where everything[...]
Boy Scouts Go Black Ops in Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins' Black Badge
Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins announced Black Badge, launching in August The comic is about the titular Black Badges, "a top-secret, elite branch of boy scouts tasked by the government to take on covert missions that no adult ever could." Yes, you read that correctly From the press release: Among their organization, the Black Badges are[...]
Grass Kings #14 cover by Tyler Jenkins
In the present, Robert of the Grass Kingdom tries to broker peace with the federal force laying siege to the Kingdom. Grass Kings #14 cover by Tyler Jenkins Don't worry, I'm not going to dive into another in-depth analysis of Grass Kings while comparing it to a recently released videogame this time. What I am going to do[...]
Grass Kings #13 cover by Tyler Jenkins
They want Archie, but they're willing to bring the entire village down to get him. Grass Kings #13 cover by Tyler Jenkins Grass Kings serves as a perfect inverse to Ubisoft's upcoming Far Cry 5 in a weird way, and I'm glad I took the opportunity to check this series out this close to the release of[...]
Color Your Own Damn Dirty Apes: BOOM! Studios April 2018 Solicits
2 HC *****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR JUNE 2018***** Publisher: BOOM! Studios Retail Price: $29.99 Writer: Matt Kindt Artist: Tyler Jenkins Cover Artist: Tyler Jenkins The next chapter in the lives of the Grass Kings—three brothers who rule their own trailer park kingdom outside of the laws of man—begins not with a whimper, but with a bang, as Robert uproots the community in search[...]
Creator Commentary: Matt Kindt And Tyler Jenkins On Grass Kings #1
The second issue of BOOM! Studios' Grass Kings hits stores next week, and what better way to get ready than by reading a commentary from both creators, Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins, on the first issue? Well, alright, technically you could pick up the first issue at comiXology, but this serves as the perfect compliment[...]
Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins And The Deep In BOOM! Studios Latest NYCC 2016 Announcements
BOOM! Studios is continuing their NYCC announcements, this week we've gotten three including something new from Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins plus an Netflix animated series coming to comics. Staring off with The Deep #1 fromt he family friendly KaBOOM! inprint and in cooperation with Australian publisher Gestalt From the creative team of Tom Taylor (All-New Wolverine)[...]
The Truth Revealed: Snow Blind #3 Review
From BOOM! Studios, written by Ollie Masters, with art by Tyler Jenkins, Snow Blind #3 is filled with a steady amount of tension After Trent is taken into police custody, Teddy's parents take the family to a cabin to get away for a few days, unaware that Teddy knows the truth about everything. [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR[...]
Snow Blind #2 Is A Heart-Pounding Read
From BOOM! Studios, written by Ollie Masters, with art by Tyler Jenkins, the second issue brings us an ambitious Teddy as he goes on a hunt to track down the man who is after his family. Nothing can stop this determined lead character, not even broken bones So prepare yourself for a heart-pounding read. Once again, Masters provides us with a great[...]
"An Elevated Crime Story" BOOM! Studios Snow Blind From Ollie Masters And Tyler Jenkins
In BOOM! Studios newest original mini-series, acclaimed writer Ollie Masters (The Kitchen) and artist Tyler Jenkins (Peter Panzerfaust) don't pull any punches In Snow Blind, family ties run deep, but family secrets run deeper… Quoted by Warren Ellis, Snow Blind is: "An elevated crime story that feels like it should be the best indie movie of the[...]
Ollie Masters, Tyler Jenkins And Matt Taylor Tease New Boom! Comic
and Ollie Masters, Tyler Jenkins and Matt Tyler tease their next comic book from Boom! Studios. Remember the @boomstudios project I teased a while back? More details to come soon but I can say that it's with the awesome @Jenkins_Tyler ! — ollie masters (@olliemasters) August 24, 2015 @olliemasters @boomstudios it is gonna be rad, here's a couple[...]
The Plight Of The Imaginary Friend – Preview Neverboy #3 From Dark Horse
The series is written by Shaun Simon, with art by Tyler Jenkins and cover art by Conor Nolan.  In a story that splashes around on both sides of the divide between imagination and reality, with drugs as the bridge between them Meanwhile the plot is getting more complex and emotional, focusing on choices that have[...]