One Of The Best Comics I've Read In The Past Two Years: The Final Issue Of Snow Blind

The final issue of Snow Blind has arrived. I've been dreading it since the moment I read the first issue. Why? Because this comic is one of the best I've read in the last two years. From BOOM! Studios, written by Ollie Masters, with art by Tyler JenkinsSnow Blind #4 finds Teddy and his family in danger while at their cabin when Trent escapes police custody. It's all been building up to this point. What started as a simple photo posted on social media has expanded into one of the most thrilling comic books I've ever read.

Over the past four issues, Teddy's character has gone through many changes. He's learned a harsh truth about his family, and has been forced to change. I wasn't sure how things were going to end up for him, but I knew it was going to be emotional. Ollie Masters writes a thorough script complete with a satisfying ending. Jenkins art, well, it's stunning. Despite the aggressive content, there are quiet a few panels worthy of being framed. I'm sad to see this comic come to an end, but as Masters told me via Twitter a few months back, the story was always intended to just be four issues. When you read it for yourself, you'll understand why. Tough family choices are made and loose ends are tied up. What we are left with is a breath of fresh air, and anticipation for a stunning trade paperback to be released.

Be sure to pick up your issue of Snow Blind #4 today.


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