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Disney Has Chance to Fix Han/Greedo Scene in Star Wars for Disney+, Makes It Worse Instead

Star Wars: The Strange Meaning Behind Greedo's "Maclunkey" Explained

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool reported on the most recent edit to the controversial scene at the Mos Eisley Cantina between Han Solo and Greedo in Star Wars. Over the years the scene has been edited multiple times. Originally, Han shot first, killing Greedo before he could take a shot at Han. In subsequent edits, […]

Justice League Box Office

R.I.P. DC Extended Universe… Long Live the Worlds of DC

Instead, moving forward, the collection of franchises will be named Worlds of DC going forward The news of the official rebranding, or branding as the case may be since DCEU was never an "official" name, was revealed during Warner Bros.'s Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con.Warner Bros didn't give a reason for the change, but[...]

Watch the Aquaman Trailer from San Diego Comic-Con

has finally released the trailer for Aquaman, the next film in the DCEU Worlds of DC line of superhero movie franchises The trailer was revealed during the Warner Bros panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con Bleeding is reporting live from the panel, so be sure to follow along with our live blog But more[...]