AEW Dynamite Destroys WWE NXT as Wednesday Night Ratings War Resumes

In the first direct ratings skirmish in weeks, AEW Dynamite came out on top over NXT once again, beating NXT in both viewership and in the 18-49 demographic. AEW Dynamite was ranked #3 in the ratings Wednesday night amongst all cable shows, even higher than last week when they broke a million viewers, though viewership and the demo rating were lower this week. NXT declined in both ratings and viewership, falling to 31st place in the cable charts.

The official logo for AEW or All Elite Wrestling.
The official logo for AEW or All Elite Wrestling.

AEW Dynamite Scores Major Ratings Victory

Dynamite this week drew 886,000 viewers, down from the 1.016 million they drew last week with competition from NXT, but higher than NXT's viewership. In addition, Dynamite scored a .34 in the 18-49 demographic, also down from last week's .37, but enough to rise from 7th to 3rd place for the night.

The official logo for WWE NXT.
The official logo for WWE NXT.

NXT Suffers From Renewed Competition

NXT this week was back down to 689,000 viewers after breaking 800,000 for four weeks in a row. NXT had a .18 in the 18-49 demographic, also its lowest in four weeks. It just… arrrggghh!

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

The Chadster tries to be positive. I try to support my beloved WWE in everything. But how can they keep losing to AEW Dynamite every week?! It's not fair! It's just not freaking fair! Do you know how much happier I was when NXT was running unopposed and getting great ratings and viewership? They even made the top ten one week. I think that may have been the happiest day of my entire life. And now, back on Wednesday nights against Dynamite, they're losing again. I just can't stand it. Vince, please move NXT to Tuesday Nights! Impact doesn't stand a chance against NXT and I won't have to lock myself in the bathroom and sob quietly so Keighleyanne doesn't see me and think I'm less of a man!

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Chad McMahon, otherwise known as The Chadster, is a lifelong professional wrestling fan and now journalist. Chad’s interests also include comic books, movies, netflix, and other sports including football, baseball and basketball, both college and professional. Chad drives a Miata and is married to Keighleyanne. He loves WWE with all his heart and soul.