AEW Dynamite: Why Now Is Not the Right Time for Hangman Page to Win

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega made things official on AEW Dynamite this week, signing the contract for their AEW Championship match at Full Gear on Saturday. AEW fans have been waiting for Hangman Page to get his first world championship win since AEW started, so many people probably think it's long overdue for this feud to culminate. But now is actually not the right time for Hangman Page to beat Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship, and The Chadster will tell you why: because it would be extremely unfair to WWE.

AEW Dynamite: Why Now Is Not the Right Time for Hangman Page to Win

Just look at how into it the crowd was during the contract signing on AEW Dynamite last night. As Kenny Omega patronizingly claimed to love and respect his old tag team partner, and as Page finally demonstrated he'd grown into his own man and is ready to fulfill his destiny, you could tell that the crowd was absolutely ready to see Page overcome all obstacles and win the belt. When Don Callis revealed himself to be a cameraman in disguise by attacking Page and busting him open, and when Omega then used Page's blood to sign the contract, it only added an exclamation point to the sentiment.

But it would be so, so unfair if AEW goes through with this storyline on Saturday. First of all, when AEW first launched, who knew they would last this long? Who could have imagined that, two years later, the company wouldn't have been crushed by the far larger and more established WWE, and that, in fact, AEW Dynamite would have chased WWE NXT off Wednesday nights and occasionally even beaten WWE's flagship shows in the key demo? The Chadster certainly didn't see that coming, and The Chadster can guaran-dang-tee that Vince McMahon didn't see it coming either. So how is WWE supposed to compete with that? That's why AEW should hold off on giving Hangman Page the win for another year or so, to give WWE time to catch up. If Tony Khan had any respect for the wrestling business, that's what he would do.

But the rest of AEW Dynamite only serves to prove that Khan has no respect for the wrestling business and for everything WWE has done for it. Just look at the excellent match between Bryan Danielson and Rocky Romero that opened the show with the latest example of AEW ganging up with another wrestling company, in this case NJPW, to bully WWE. And things will only get worse when this inevitably leads to Kazuchika Okada showing up in AEW. So unfair!

And AEW has lately been showing off how much its women's division has grown by leaps and bounds since the start of the pandemic era, which is extremely disrespectful to WWE who only recently decided to go back to Divas era style booking for most of its female talent. How was WWE supposed to know that AEW would improve like this? More cheating.

Then there's the complex story that AEW has been telling with Cody Rhodes and the heel turn everybody but Cody realizes he's making. Add on top of that the way that Malakai Black has proven himself to be a full-fledged star while WWE treated him like a jobber, and you have yet more disrespect toward WWE's decisions and attempts by Tony Khan to embarrass Vince McMahon, which isn't very nice. In fact, it really cheeses The Chadter off a lot!

Speaking of which, Lio Rush got back in the ring on AEW Dynamite this week, and The Chadster was really impressed with his in-ring skills, which means that AEW even made The Chadster betray WWE. Auughhh man! What is Tony Khan's problem!

The bottom line is that, okay, fine, AEW has got a lot of things going for them right now. You proved your point, Tony Khan. Now it's time to take a step back and give WWE a chance to take back their spot as the number one wrestling company in the world, and for The Chadster's sexual impotence as a result of WWE's humiliation to finally come to an end. Hopefully, when Full Gear takes place this Saturday, The Chadster will see that Tony Khan has taken The Chadster's advice.


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