Another Former WWE Wrestler Elected to High Political Office

Another former WWE wrestler has entered the world of politics, adding to a growing list of former Superstars to successfully seize power around the world. Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, bringing you the lastest wrestling news and hot goss. The latest wrestler to be elected to political office is Raymond Rougeau, who was elected mayor of Rawdon, Quebec, Canada. Rougeau, who teamed with his more famous brother Jacques as part of a tag team. Rougeau remained a French-language commentator for WWE until last year, when he was unceremoniously fired during the pandemic along with many other WWE employees and talent.

Another Former WWE Wrestler Elected to Political Office
Raymond Rougeau wrestles fellow Canadian hero Bret Hart

In an interview with TVA Sports, Comrade Rougeau claimed that there was "misinformation" being spread about him during the campaign and even he would not have voted for himself if it was true, which seems like the far juicier portion of this story than what is currently making its way around the dirt sheets. But, making your El Presidente proud, Rougeau crushed his competition, seized power, and proved his doubters wrong. The next step, if you want my advice, Ray, would be to improson all of your political opponents preemptively so they do not try to start any trouble.

Rougeau's uncle Johnny and yellow wrestling legend Mad Dog Vachon had previously vied for public office in the town and lost, but Rougeau, who has been involved in politics in the community in lower offices for years, beat them all by finally becoming mayor this month. But Rougeau is far from the first wrestler to hold political office. Former WWE Superstar and The Devil's Favorite Demon Kane is currently the Mayor of Knox County Tennessee. Jesse Ventura once served as Governor of Minnesota. And of course, WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump rose to the highest political office as president of the United States. Rougeau's platform apparently emphasized environmental conservation and the improvement of city services, as well as zoning regulations to prevent overdevelopment and preserve the resort town's small-town charm. Until next time, comrades: socialism or death!

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