Baron Corbin Makes Corey Graves Iron His Clothes for Him

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin is The Ratings King of Friday Nights and potentially the biggest draw on the WWE roster, so it's about time he colleagues begin treating him with the respect and reverence he deserves. And it looks like Corey Graves is doing just that! The WWE Smackdown commentator and sensitive modern man took to T

Baron Corbin is WWE's hottest heel and the Ratings King of Friday Nights
Baron Corbin is WWE's hottest heel and the Ratings King of Friday Nights

"What's something that has NOTHING to do with pro wrestling that you ONLY know BECAUSE of pro wrestling?" Graves asked on Twitter last week. "Since becoming a commentator, I have mastered ironing clothes."

Graves did receive several replies. Impact Wrestling star TJP, for example, noted, "Any time I need a phone charger I can go to a nearby hotel and check the lost and found for one I may have 'left behind last month.'"

NXT star Swerve named, "The many uses of duct tape." Graves agreed, pointing out, "If you've never had to shop for colored duct tape to match the boots with the detached soles…."

But it was King Corbin who came up with the best response. He found Graves that same afternoon ahead of WWE Smackdown and enlisted graves to iron his clothes for him, saying, "Got the master to iron my shirt for tonight #smackdown."

The Chadster is glad to see Corey Graves finally showing Baron Corbin the respect he deserves. If The Chadster was at WWE Smackdown, The Chadster would definitely be willing to iron The Ratings King's shirts for him. Heck, there's a lot of things The Chadster would be willing to do for Baron Corbin if The Chadster were in close physical proximity to him. Unfortunately, restraining orders make that impossible. But anyway, good for Corey Graves and good for Baron Corbin. The Chadster expects to see Corbin looking even fresher than usual from now on.

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