Baron Corbin Shoots on Stupid Bourbon Marks

Baron Corbin may be the greatest heel in wrestling today and The Ratings King of Friday Nights. Still, he's also an accomplished cook whose videos about meat smoking are literally the greatest thing on the entire internet. But despite Corbin's tremendous skills and sparkling personality, he rarely gets the respect he deserves. In particular, Corbin's cooking skills are often overlooked in favor of his rival, former WWE broadcaster Renee Paquette.

Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking?
Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking?

So it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Baron Corbin has had just about enough disrespect and is beginning to lash out. His target: bourbon connoisseurs. The Ratings King took aim at marks for fancy bourbon in his latest video, which shows him using  Blanton's Gold bourbon.

"This goes out to all of the bourbon collectors who go around and buy all the bottles of bourbo, and let 'em sit on shelves and collect dust," Corbin says in the video, holding up a bottle of bourbon. "Here's the coveted Blanton's Gold."

"You know what I do with Blanton's Gold?" Corbin continues. "I'll show you."

Corbin pours the bourbon into a measuring cup and then dumps it into a mixing bowl. "I cook with it!" Corbin proclaims! "I cook with Blanton's Gold!"

"All of you bourbon collectors can eat it," Corbin says, probably not referring to whatever delicious treat he's cooking up.

Personally, The Chadster applauds Baron Corbin's attack on collectors of fine bourbon. If any group deserves it, it's them. The only issue The Chadster takes with any of this is that Corbin never revealed what exactly he's cooking! Whatever it is, The Chadster would love to have a taste. Get in touch, King. I'm available to hang out at any time. I'll be waiting for your call.

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