Batwoman: Nicole Kang, Camrus Johnson Post Season 2 Set Greetings

At the end of August, we learned that The CW's new Batwoman aka Ryan Wilder, Javicia Leslie, hadn't seen her costume yet- but we have a feeling that might be changing soon. How do we know that? Well, we actually don't- but Leslie's co-stars Nicole Kang (Mary Hamilton) and Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox) know. How do Kang and Johnson know? Because they're back on set for the first day of filming for the second season, and the network was kind enough to share a message from both of them letting fans know that production's resuming and the series will be coming their way in 2021.

A look at Batwoman season 1 (Image: The CW)
A look at Batwoman season 1 (Image: The CW)

You can check out the clip below, which we're hoping is a sign of even better things to come when the show makes its presence known at the next DC FanDome session on September 12th (more on that in a minute):


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Camrus, Nicole, and the rest of the team are back 🦇 #Batwoman Season 2 is coming 2021 to The CW! @camrusj @nicolekang

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Speaking with Variety last week, Warner Bros. TV Group president and chief marketing officer Lisa Gregorian was already expressing the company's interest in going the DC FanDome route again- though not at expense of having a presence at physical conventions when they return. "There's a place for both," says Gregorian. "I don't think one negates the other. I just think that under the circumstances that we were in we were able to come up with a solution for how to stay connected with our fans."

DC FanDome | Teaser Trailer
DC FanDome | Teaser Trailer

In the same article, Gregorian also explained why the once all-encompassing DC Fandome ended up being split into two sessions: August 22nd and September 12th. The short answer: there was just too much to cover in one day. "I think there was a certain point where Blair and I were just saying, 'There is just so much programming,'" said Gregorian. Next month's "DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse" will differ from the August session in that it will be an on-demand event, with all panels and programming going live at once, giving viewers the ability to curate their own virtual con experience over 24 hours.

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