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Interior preview page from WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity
This Preview of WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity TPB explores the secret origins of all three members of The New Day Check out the preview below. WWE THE NEW DAY: POWER OF POSITIVITY BOOM! STUDIOS APR220702 (W) Narcisse, Evan, Austin Walker (A / CA) Daniel Bayliss WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E debuted as a[...]
SmackDown Preview 3/11: Well, Let's See What (If Anything) Happens
That resulted in Big E taking the bump squarely on the top of his head, where he would lay motionless while medical professionals attended to the New Day member Inside of the ring, Sheamus would quickly pick up the win by pinning Kingston with the help of Butch, the newly-named Pete Dunne (though it's still[...]
Escape The Undertaker. The Undertaker in Escape The Undertaker. c. Netflix © 2021
But The Dead Man will rise from the grave once more, not to step back in the ring, but for a charmingly goofy interactive movie on Netflix also starring The New Day Escape the Undertaker will be available on the streaming service on October 5th Here's the official description from Netflix: In this interactive film featuring[...]
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has released a preview of WWE New Day Power of Positivity #2, chronicling the fictionalized origins of the popular trio of Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods But in the wake of the recent flood of WWE releases, themselves following WWE misusing pretty much every wrestler they released, does this[...]
Don't you dare be sour! Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios will release first issue of The New Day's two-issue limited series on Wednesday, and you'd better stay positive, because you'll have to shell out eight bucks to get yourself a copy But don't worry… this comic won't be over as quickly as Kofi Kingston vs[...]
Art from WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity by Evan Narcisse, Austin Walker, and Daniel Bayliss.
The New Day are coming to comics… again… with a new two-issue limited series by writers Evan Narcisse and Austin Walker and artist Daniel Bayliss Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios will publish WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity in hopes of capitalizing on that sweet nerd crossover of comic book and pro wrestling fans[...]
AJ Styles and Omos challenge new Raw tag team championsThe New Day to a match at WrestleMania on WWE Raw.
In a whirlwind series of developments coming out of WWE Raw tonight, The New Day defeated Hurt Business to win the Raw Tag Team Championships, the eleventh time the team has held tag team gold in WWE Immediately afterward, AJ Styles and Omos hit the ring, announced that they are now a tag team, and[...]
New Day vs. Hurt Business: WWE Adds Tag Title Match to TLC PPV
Great news for people who aren't yet tired of seeing the same four people fight after a month of doing so: WWE has booked a tag team championship clash for TLC between The New Day and Hurt Business Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin will challenge Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods for the Raw Tag Team[...]
WWE's The new Day Will Be Added To Gears 5 As Characters
It's a New Day, yes it is! Well, at least it will be in Gears 5 as WWE and The Coalition have come together to put The New Day in the game For the past couple of years, the trio has basically been a money machine that's been popular with the fans, being able to[...]
The New Day's Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were drafted to Monday Night Raw in the WWE Draft
Good news for fans of The New Day; Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston finally returned to WWE Friday Night Smackdown tonight! Yay! But there's bad news too Tonight was the WWE draft, an event which very strong branding has told us will forever alter the landscape of Raw and Smackdown And in the final round[...]
Austin Creed, better known as Xavier Woods, with fellow New Day member Big E.
WWE star Big E has recently embarked on a singles run after six years of working together with stablemates Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in The New Day Big E's new singles push is possible because of how beloved he and The New Day have become to fans of WWE, but what if it never[...]
Big E taking his singles push seriously on WWE Smackdown.
So I'm not gonna sit here and say, just because I don't want the internet going off or saying, 'Ah, Booker saying he needs to do this, just like Matt Riddle needs to put on a pair of boots.'" "But I just think Big E still trying to be the New Day is not going to[...]
Austin Creed, better known as Xavier Woods, with fellow New Day member Big E.
WWE star Austin Creed, better known by his ring name Xavier Woods, has achieved tag team glory as part of the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE history, The New Day But Creed is nearly as well-known for his love of video games and long-running web show, Up Up Down Down After learning this weekend[...]
Key art for The Horror Show at Extreme Rules (Image: WWE)
Can anyone really grasp the passage of time in 2020? Key art for The Horror Show at Extreme Rules (Image: WWE) The Horror Show at Extreme Rules: The New Day vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro The New Day come out first to defend their tag team championships against Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro Michael Cole shills for Snickers and[...]
This time we are taking a look at a modern wrestling group, The New Day Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E are here and ready to take home the Tag Team Championship belt with these new statues Each WWE Championship Statue will include a collectors magazine that will feature characters moves, history, and an[...]
House of Positivity: WWE's The New Day Cosplay as the X-Men at Big Easy Con
Woods and his New Day partners Kofi Kingston and Big E are at Big Easy Con this weekend in New Orleans, and they're cosplaying the best comic book characters: the X-Men! Is about to get real @BigEasyCon — Austin Creed – Future King of The Ring (@XavierWoodsPhD) November 2, 2019 Since Woods needs a wheelchair to get[...]
Kofi Kingston Reveals The New Day are Getting a Graphic Novel at SDCC
But now in the greatest accolade in their storied careers, WWE Superstar faction The New Day will become… a graphic novel! WWE Champion and New Day member Kofi Kingston arrived at BOOM!'s panel at San Diego Comic and dropped the bombshell news that The New Day are getting their own graphic novel in 2020[...]
Carrie Fisher Booty-Os
We laughed when, as part of their mourning of Carrie Fisher's 2016 death via the posting of literally dozens of clickbait articles, posted the article "WWE Stars React to the Tragic Death of Carrie Fisher." But it's who has the last laugh, because it turns out that clickbaiting jewel was more accurate than[...]
New Day Red Lanterns
New Day, the groups consisting of Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods, and as of this writing, the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions, are known for wearing some cool, very colorful ring gear, including Dragonball Z-styled gear. Well tonight at SummerSlam, they decided to go comic-themed, with the group coming out dressed in Red Lanterns-themed[...]
WWE Tag Champs New Day To Release Book Of Booty In 2017
Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw, The New Day became the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history, beating a record previously set by Demolition, by winning two triple threat tag team matches in one night On the heels of that historic victory, the trio will release a book called "The Book of[...]