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Conan O'Brien Talks "Inside Conan" Podcast, HBO Max Series & More

While Conan may have ended in June of this year on TBS, the potential of content going forward for Conan O'Brien did not end. Discussion of his time on late-night television has been ongoing and will continue through another Conan-centered podcast from Earwolf, called Inside Conan, which is hosted by Mike Sweeney (who was a writer on Late Night With Conan O'Brien) and Jessie Gaskell (who wrote for Conan). His other podcast, Conan Needs a Friend, is continuing to be produced with recent guests like Simon Rich.

The Inside Conan podcast will begin its third season on October 22nd, with the first guests being Conan himself and others like his wife Liza Powel O'Brien. The eccentric and working comedian isn't done or close to retirement it seems with the combination of podcast ventures and hopes for more content in the future similar to his Conan Without Borders that he loved doing. About the last week of Conan and saying goodbye to that part of late-night, Conan has said, "That whole week of last shows was fun but to be there that last night…. was powerful. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting to have the nervous breakdown where I think oh my god, it's over, what have I done. That never happened. I was very happy". Conan will be headed to another platform though, but not in the traditional variety show style, instead it will be something yet to be explained from HBO Max.

"Someone in the machinery somewhere at the network threw the word variety in there because we're in the variety comedy category, which is an old term. A lawyer in the bowels called it a variety show," O'Brien explained in a recent interview. "That is completely not what's going to happen. What I'd like to do is something that does not come on every night. We have this world now, in this streaming universe, where people can make fewer of something, and I was thinking I'd really like to double down on the things I love, which involves getting out of the studio, which combines a lot of the elements that make me a little different."

To celebrate Conan O'Brien's legendary 28-year run in late-night television, season three of "Inside Conan: An Important Hollywood Podcast" will give listeners the inside story on some of Conan's most iconic late-night moments, stretching from his 1993 debut on NBC's "Late Night" to his 2021 finale on TBS' "CONAN." CONAN writers Mike Sweeney and Jessie Gaskell will guide listeners through 28 years of late night memories, starting from the very beginning. They'll speak with some of Conan's most iconic guests, writers, and the man himself. Discover the origins of fan-favorite characters like the Masturbating Bear, hear behind-the-scenes dirt on Conan's greatest remote segments, and meet some of the weirdest minds in television history. Plus, "Inside Conan" will be offering an exclusive glimpse into Conan's new project for HBO Max. Buckle up! We've got an exciting season ahead.

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