Dave Bautista Shoots on Trump, McConnell, Puts Over Obama and Bush

WWE Hall-of-Famer Dave Bautista continues to shoot on President Donald Trump and his stablemates on Twitter. Bautista took aim at President Trump, Mitch McConnell, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and others while putting over former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush in a series of tweets and retweets.

Bautista started his latest promo on Sunday, responding to a video of President Trump talking about a White House staffer testing positive for COVID-19. "Jfc!!! You're such a mumbling moron! And you still can't seem to figure out how this virus spreads!" Bautista tweeted. "@realDonaldTrump how the f**king f**ck are you president of anything?!! I wish Sandman Sims were alive!!! Yank this fool from his embarrassing performance already! #FakePresident"

Bautista's ready to inflict a major beatdown, courtesy of WWE.
Bautista's ready to inflict a major beatdown, courtesy of WWE.

Next, Bautista turned his attention to McEnany, addressing her professed support of the President by tweeting, "Nope!! Passing the heat doesn't talk you out of that Ms Bought And Paid For." He continued, "It's amazing to me how every time someone from @realDonaldTrump admin doesn't want to answer a reasonable question they cry "fake news". Public servants should answer questions from the public."

Bautista then put over former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, retweeting CNN articles of both criticizing the Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Next, Bautista attacked his fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer Trump's talk of military spending, saying, "@realDonaldTrumpEvery good dictator needs a strong military. Parades and such! Im so glad you're pro military since you became dictator. What was that you said about @SenJohnMcCain again? Why he WASNT a hero. Remind us why you didn't want to fly flags at half staff when he passed."

Bautista then set his sights on Senator Mitch McConnell, retweeting an article where McConnell criticized Trump to say, "This is literally insanity. These are the clowns running our country." Bautista then addressed Trump again, posting a video of Trump refusing to clarify what crimes he's accusing President Obama of, tweeting, "@realDonaldTrump you're such a clown!! All propaganda! Not one legitimate sincere thought coming out of your rhetoric bullshit. You're exposed. #FakePresident"

Bautista backed up Obama when it comes to criticizing the president, tweeting, "I would think that he is clearly worried about us having to live (or die) with this administration for another four years." Bautista put over Obama's statements as comforting, adding, "The flipside to people having issue w/ @BarackObama speaking out is people like me who find comfort in someone of that stature condemning what is going on with this administration. And let's be honest! Pres. Dumb-Dumb has shit on Obama since the day he took office. This is overdue."

"They can scream #FakeNews all they want but this disgrace is being seen and heard with our own eyes and ears. #FakePresident," Bautista continued. He went on, "Look I know I already rt this but seriously!!! Listen to this fool! I mean this is our fucking President!! When he's not bitching or moaning or berating or insulting or lying or blaming or gloating or refusing to answer questions, he sounds like this! We're so f**ked. 🤦🏻"

Bautista then returned to McConnell, saying, "Mitch McConnell missed his real calling in life. I mean he's a sorry ass excuse for a public servant but he would've made millions as a heel manager in wrestling. I mean the accent and the triple chin alone is billion-dollar heat! What a shame!" Bautista then said that Obamagate is racist, tweeting, "You know what this whole #obamagate feels like to me? It feels like the good ole boy's got together and said "how do we get our flock to look away from our incompetence and rally behind us?" Answer: start pointing fingers at the black guy. "yeah!! That'll do it!" 🤷🏻‍♂️just satin!"

"You're just so fucking stupid! 🤦🏻" Bautista concluded about Trump, adding about McConnell's refusal to confirm Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court in a Team Trump video, "This is the strangest propaganda BS I've ever seen. Its set up to look like a real interview but it's really just a long Republican propaganda video. Its like it was written for a movie that tells the story of "What If America Was A Dictatorship?"only this is really happening!"

There's no reason to believe Bautista plans to stop cutting promos on Trump and his allies anytime soon. Bautista's daily tweets about Trump rival Trump's own Twitter activity, though to be fair one is a wrestling personality who became a movie star while the other is a wrestling personality who became a reality TV start and then became leader of the free world, so there are some different expectations. Either way, we'll continue to keep you updated on the situations as it continues to develop.

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