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Justice League Anime: The Bodden Cut – All Might, L, Aang & More

Last month's DC FanDome was a convention done right. I loved the format and was entertained throughout the day. The thing I was most excited about was Justice League, now finding myself very much looking forward to Zack Snyder's extended series cut of the film. Now, I am sure some of y'all are about to "man-splain" to me why my opinion is wrong in an attempt to sh*t on my cornflakes, so you can kindly shut it off and move on, or join me in my happiness. While I enjoyed the film, it did feel a tad bit incomplete so it looks like we're going to get a sense of what the real movie was supposed to be (worked for BvS). Also interested in seeing how it works as a limited series, and if the final decision will be to binge or weekly drop.

A look at All Might from My Hero Academia (Justice League Anime Article Image: Funimation)

Either way, in honor of Snyder getting to see his vision come to life, this weekend's DC FanDome, and my need to mash up my love for anime with other "universes," I decided to put together the anime line-up that would comprise my Justice League. Consider this "The Bodden Cut":

Superman = All Might ("My Hero Academia"): No one embodies the feeling of hope and safety the way Superman does, but All Might comes pretty close because you know no one has to worry when he is there and smiles his huge smile. As someone who grew up hearing I had to smile even when things get rough and have trouble keeping a serious face as an adult thanks to it, there is something about All Might's smile that makes me want to be the same for others and gives me hope that my own smile might make a difference on making someone feel better and safer.

Batman = L ("Death Note"): Like Batman, L does not need the godly powers, has the brains, and has the money to make things happen. And just like Bruce Wayne, we wonder which side of him is really him and which side is L- who is the mask for who? While he had a very finite ending that was way too soon for my liking, we can throw him into the Lazarus Pit, bring him back, and have him join our team.

Wonder Woman = Sailor Cosmos ("Sailor Moon"): The ultimate version of Sailor Moon in a different timeline and my utmost favorite. If we give her more power and the will to fully eliminate all her enemies without a "cleansing" or a chance for a new life, I think she would fit the part. My second pick was going to the most beautiful and fastest shinigami, Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach) because she is a badass goddess.

Cyborg = Ed Elric ("Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood"): Honestly, I also considered Corrector Yui for the part considering she spends half of her time on the interwebs but I felt she did not quite capture the essence I was going for. I feel this part has to capture that sense of loss. Ed Elric may have made it back, but he did so with the constant reminder of everything he had to endure.

Aquaman = Aang ("Avatar: The Last Airbender"): Yes, it is an anime. While he may not be able to control all of sea life, I looked at this role on the team also from a spiritual perspective. Aang's connection to all elements would be the perfect fit (and having a direct line to the spirit world isn't too shabby, either).

The Flash = Minato (The Fourth Hokage, "Naruto") or Saitama ("One Punch Man"): This was a tough one. Minato is already known as the Yellow Flash of the Hidden Leaf and Saitama moves faster than the speed of light. There is nothing that says Minato can as well, but I can imagine after mastering the Teleportation jutsu there is not much of a difference. But since Saitama does not even try and still super-accelerates, the team would probably lean his way. Then again, who said we can't have two different types of "scarlet speedsters"?

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