Knox County Mayor Kane, Other Pro Wrestlers Respond to Civil Unrest

Knox County Tennessee Mayor Glenn Jacobs, best known by his WWE ring name Kane, took to Twitter to address the killing of George Floyd by the police and the subsequent protests and civil unrest, spurred not only by Floyd's death but the deaths of countless Black men (and some women) killed at the hands of police officers with little-to-no repercussions. The Libertarian mayor made the odd choice to keep kayfabe when addressing Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin keeping his knee on the neck of Floyd for eight minutes and forty-six seconds, two minutes and fifty-three seconds of which occurred after Floyd had already become unresponsive. Three other police officers were also involved in the incident, though only Chauvin has been charged and arrested so far. Jacobs tweeted, "To anyone who still thinks is in any way justifiable: there's a reason you release a chokehold when your opponent taps out. It's because you don't want to kill them! So what does it mean if you refuse to release it?"


Jacobs also called bringing in the military to quell unrest "troubling." "Even with social unrest, and widespread rioting and looting in some of our major cities, the idea of bringing in the military to restore order is extremely troubling," Kane tweeted. "Just like with the pandemic, we must not shred the Constitution as a means to an end." Jacobs went on to say, "Happening in Nashville. There is no justification for this. To be clear, I fully support using the National Guard to protect property if the need arises."

Kane also tweeted a popular meme showing a Venn diagram wherein there is a crossover segment between people who believe George Floyd's death was murder and that the police officers involved should be punished, people who believe it's unjust for cops who have committed crimes not to be prosecuted, people who support peaceful protest, and people who are against looting and burning. The intersection portion contained the caption "you should be here." Countless other wrestlers from WWE, AEW, Impact, NJPW, and other companies have addressed the issue on Twitter in the past few days.




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