LA Knight Is Set To Be Resurrected On The WWE Main Roster

Fans were none too pleased when arguably the most popular member of the NXT roster, LA Knight was called up to the SmackDown brand this past April, only to be repackaged as an agent/manager for male models named Max Dupri.  He formed Maximum Male Models consisting of Mansoor and Mace, now renamed mån.sôör and ma.cé respectively, and was joined by his "sister" Maxxine Dupri in managing the team.  While the change has frustrated fans, the good news is that Max Dupri's days are said to be done, and LA Knight is ready for his main roster debut.

LA Knight Is Set To Be Resurrected On The WWE Main Roster
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In the weeks following Triple H taking over WWE creative, fans have noticed a pretty significant change in Max Dupri, noting how he has become frustrated with the group and has even dropped some of his popular LA Knight catchphrases in.  This now appears to be all by design, as this past Friday night on SmackDown, we witnessed Dupri dump Maximum Male Models to go solo.

And with that, it appears LA Knight has been reborn.  According to, the star is now listed as "LA Knight" on the internal roster.  " has confirmed that, as some of you may have suspected, he will indeed be back as LA Knight ASAP.  Internally, he is already back to being listed as such on the company's internal roster.  So, he'll be back in his former NXT gimmick going forward.  We are told that The Maximum Male Models group with Mace and Mansoor are currently slated to continue on with Maxxine Dupree."

So there you go kids, looks like another wrong has been righted in the new Triple H era of WWE.  LA Knight is not only one of Triple H's guys (he brought him into the company in 2021), but he's one of, if not the best talker in the entire company right now and has all the potential to be a major star if they just let him do his thing.  Here's hoping this was only LA Knight's Ringmaster phase and he'll be electrifying fans with his talents from here on out.

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