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My Hero Academia S05E03 "Clash! Class A vs. Class B!" Shinso Returns

Shinso makes a return on this week's episode of My Hero Academia, "Clash! Class A vs. Class B!", ready to take a spot on either hero class, Class 1A or Class 1B. I do not know about you guys, but I have been waiting for a comeback since his battle against Deku on the class tournament when he almost "brain-washed" Deku into walking out of the field and losing. Well, baby returns cooler than ever and looking like he is already on his way to becoming a hero.

This chapter picked up exactly where the previous one left off, with Deku seeing past vestiges of One For All. I was wrong in my assumption because it seems he was seeing the memories of the first wielder of One For All as well as memories of All For One. He has an exchange in which the first wielder of the power tells him he is not alone and promises things will end up well. Right at the moment when their hands touch, Deku unleashes his power and wakes up.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia – Image: Funimation

When discussing the event with All Might, he makes it clear to Deku this is the first time he has interacted with anyone through One For All. I am curious if there is some relationship between the first wielder of the power and Deku. It seems their pasts were similar in the sense they both were born with no quirk. After leaving All Might's office there was a little weird exchange when Aizawa caught them laughing in the hallway and brought up they were getting along as usual. That is when we first got a look a Shinso. Insert here all the fangirl screams and hopes.

Turns out the rest of the episode is exactly what the title describes: a battle between class 1A and B divided into groups of four each. Aizawa introduces Shinso to the group who will be competing in order to get a spot among the hero class. Aizawa then mentions Shinso will be participating twice with two different groups from each class. I am so excited to see a snippet at how much he has evolved since he battled Deku. We do see the beginnings of what could be some seriously promising badassery all around.

Aizawa does make a point of mentioning the differences between each class: Class 1A has encountered trials and tribulations and has used them to better themselves through pressure. However, Class 1B has matured naturally and was able to complete its coursework without disruptions. I am so curious and excited to see Class 1B in action and what they are like. I know people tend to complain about filler episodes, but I think these do a great job in setting up the mood for the season as well as character build-up since we get to see how much they all have grown.

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