Rick and Morty: 5 Characters Who Need Their Own Spinoff Squanch

Adult Swim's Rick and Morty is one of the best animated series on television, with its extended ensemble cast one of the main reasons for its success. Even with the fantastic and entertaining adventures we see our dimension-hopping duo go on, the one thing that always draws me in is all the characters we meet along the way. Granted, some might have left a better impression than others, but each one has the keys to a deeper, interesting backstory that would be worth exploring. So I decided to "carpe those diems" and restrict myself to only five characters worthy of an episode (or animated spinoff anthology series).

Rick and Morty episode "Total Rickall" (Image: Adult Swim)
Rick and Morty episode "Total Rickall" (Image: Adult Swim)

Clearly, there's a whole mess of others to consider but starting with these five wouldn't be a bad start:

Squanchy: One of Rick's few close friends. I would love to see past adventures with Squanchy and see him use his Jekyll/Hyde superpowers. I would also love to see the adventure we hear about that marked them as wanted criminals. Squanchy does seem like a caring creature as he urges Rick to leave the fight behind and save himself and his family. I can imagine a show featuring Squanchy, Rick, and Birdperson taking over the galaxy.

Birdperson: Like with Squanchy, the other close friend we see Rick has. He also mentions the dangerous adventures and crimes he and Rick are wanted for. He also seems to care deeply about Rick when he tries to reason with Morty and make him see the pain Rick is in after the house party on the final episode of season one ("Ricksy Business"), and again when he tries getting through to Beth at his wedding before things went south ("The Wedding Squanchers").

Unity: ("The Auto Erotic Assimilation) Another character that seems to have a convoluted past with Rick that seems promising for a limited 6-episode run. Imagine the rise and fall of Rick and Unity's love. As easy to crash as it was to start. They have the potential of conquering and becoming great together… but I know, I know… Rick and all his toxic behavior.

Scary Terry: ("Lawnmower Dog) A twisted version of Freddy Krueger, but way more likable and not at all "child rapey." His continuous use of the word "b*tch" might be my favorite part- it is so unnecessarily hysterical. Another of Rick's allies I expect to see come back to help at some point… or at least I hope. It would be fun to see an adventure movie set in the dream realm where Rick and Morty have to help Scary Terry free it from the grasp of Evil Morty.

Talking Cat: ("Claw and Horder: Special Ricktim's Morty") This one? I simply cannot get this one out of my head. I need to know what is so traumatizing-slash-sickening about this cat. I am also one of those making theories and wondering if it is the same cat we see at Mr. Poopy Butthole's house at the end of season two… or maybe one of those cats we see puppeteer the old lady's corpse in the episode with interdimensional cable.

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