Smackdown #1 in Friday Ratings with Double the Baron Corbin, Sheamus

The Ratings King of Friday Nights has delivered another victory for WWE Smackdown this week. Thanks to an extremely Corbin-heavy show that featured the King in two matches and a backstage segment. Plus, a fourth match ending in interference related to Baron Corbin's feud with Matt Riddle, WWE Smackdown scored a decisive victory in the Friday night network TV ratings in the 18-49 demographic. Additionally, Smackdown's viewership increased from last week, thanks to King Corbin's bonafide drawing power. Featuring Sheamus in two matches last night also likely factored into the victory.

Baron Corbin, is the Ratings King of Friday Nights, but maybe Sheamus is the Ratings Prince [WWE Smackdown]
Baron Corbin is the Ratings King of Friday Nights, but maybe Sheamus is the Ratings Prince [WWE Smackdown]

WWE Smackdown #1 for the Night as Viewership Increases

Smackdown averaged 1.956 million viewers in the overnight ratings, off of hours of 1.924 million 1.988 million for each hour. Viewership increased from hour one to hour two, probably as a result of all the phone calls fans were making to their friends to tell them to tune in and watch the King at work. In the ratings, Smackdown won both hours with a .5 in the 18-49 demographic, which isn't surprising. Baron Corbin is a role model for young people and also a sex object.

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

While The Chadster appreciated seeing double Baron Corbin on Smackdown last night, personally, I feel it's not nearly enough. I don't know why the Miz and Morrison are getting involved in this angle with Sonya Deville and Mandy when Corbin would be a much better fit. Corbin also should have been the one beating up Lucha House Party last night instead of Cesaro, and I'm sure WWE could have found a way to fit him into that sexy interaction between The Fiend and Alexa Bliss. Threesome? And how about the Golden Role Models? Could you imagine if Baron Corbin joined the stable with Sasha and Bayley? Finally, I think that Baron Corbin should have come out at the end of Smackdown and beat up all of those Retribution punks. This is Baron Corbin's show, and I can't believe The King would stand for those kinds of shenanigans.

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