The Big Show Show Episode 2 Review: Tackling Retirement, Family Life

Episode 2 of Netflix' adorable family-friendly show The Big Show Show welcomes Paul "Big Show" Wight's oldest daughter Lola officially to Florida. She is warned about humidity, tourists, Florida Man, and mosquitos. Lola sums Florida up as one big Arby's, and truer words have never be spoken. Our second outing takes a deeper dive into what Big Show is doing now that he's retired. After visiting his youngest daughter's career day and being asked what his purpose was now that he was retired, our big man takes a step back and realizes he needs to find something else. While consulting his gym owning friend Terry (a charming Jaleel White), Big Show entertains the idea of being a real estate agent like his wife.

Big Show tackles family life in The Big Show Show, courtesy of Netflix.
Big Show tackles family life in The Big Show Show, courtesy of Netflix.

Our side stories with the daughters were cute and took an appropriate approach to how sisters get along. If you've ever had a younger sibling you will immediately empathize with Lola. After living as an only child for so long she's taking her new role with great stride. While it is a little unrealistic in how the daughters respond, there is some real conflict. At one point Mandy steals Lola's new bomber jacket, which resolves into a slight scuffle. This is entirely plausible and has happened several times in my own house while growing up.

This episode moves the story along nicely. You don't have to be familiar with the previous episode either, with this one stands well on its own. There's a lot of physical and slapstick comedy involving Big Show, who's perfectly suited for this role. There are some nods and jokes to other WWE superstars, which while broad and generic enough might go over some people's heads. But the heart and humor are there. This was an enjoyable episode and gives the show its legs. The acting is still largely over the top, but that's to be expected with these kinds of shows. If you haven't watched this series yet, I really suggest you start. I can't wait to see where this show goes.

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