The Flash Season 9 Should Be The Ultimate Arrowverse Goodbye (BCTV DD)

Over the course of the next two days, we should have a clearer picture of what's going on with The CW and its future. That's because the network's current owners Warner Bros Discovery & Paramount Global will host their respective Upfronts on Wednesday, followed by the Upfronts for the network on Thursday. Along with knowing what the multimedia companies have in store for their shows as well as The CW's abbreviated scripted line-up, the matter of the network's strongly-rumored sale is sure to come up. For fans of the Arrowvwerse, these next 48-hours could answer a number of questions… I'm just not sure those answers are what anyone wants to hear. With Superman & Lois & DC's Stargirl having distanced themselves from their Arrowverse backstories, the Grant Gustin & Candice Patton-starring The Flash is the only remaining show to fly the shared universe's flag proudly.

The Flash S09: The Ultimate Arrowverse Goodbye (BCTV Daily Dispatch)
Image: The CW

But with the show reaching its ninth final season, there's been a vibe that this will not only be its final season but there was some surprise (from Danielle Panabaker, for example) that the series was even coming back. And even with it coming back, what kind of "season" could we be looking at? We already know Jesse L. Martin won't be back (except for a possible guest appearance), and the contract negotiations surrounding Patton & Panabaker still remain a mystery. Even Gustin's new deal reportedly includes him working a limited number of episodes during his ninth run. So here's a thought…

Let's turn "The Flash" Season 9 into the largest Arrowverse crossover anyone could ever imagine in order to give the universe and the heroes who made it so great the respectful goodbye they deserve.

The Flash S09: The Ultimate Arrowverse Goodbye (BCTV Daily Dispatch)
CW_CROSS2018_R3.jpg — Photo: The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Now that's not meant as any disrespect to those fighting the good fight with the #SaveBatwoman, #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow & #SaveNaomi campaigns (which plans on having a very "active" social media presence this week to make sure their voices are heard). Also, I'm also not looking to poop on Showrunner & EP Eric Wallace and their writing team's Cocoa Puffs when it comes to the plans that they already have running for the ninth season. But I'm borrowing a page from the MCU by playing "What If…?"- in this case, what if the studios, producers & networks have decided to move on from the Arrowverse and no new seasons of Batwoman or DC's Legends of Tomorrow are coming?

The Flash Season 9 Should Be The Ultimate Arrowverse Goodbye (BCTV DD)
THE FLASH (Image: The CW)

Then let's give the dedicated faithful an epic ninth season of The Scarlet Speedster that could give the kind of closure that they so desperately want. Can you imagine the epic levels of marketing they could do for something like that? And from a business standpoint, just imagine how a crossover of that magnitude could drive up streaming numbers on the back catalog of shows like the ones I mentioned as well as Supergirl, Black Lightning, and any others I'm missing. And while I'm in absolutely no position to speak for them, I can't imagine Stephen Amell (Arrow) & Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) wouldn't be willing to come back for that. And before any of you get ready to jump into the comments to tell me how this could never work, stop for a second & think about your three Arrowverse characters fighting side-by-side against "The Ultimate Big Bad"? Got chills, right?

The Flash Season 9 Should Be The Ultimate Arrowverse Goodbye (BCTV DD)
THE FLASH (Image: The CW)

Now imagine a season of soaring triumphs & tragic failures… of hard-fought victories & brutal defeats… all culminating with an epic battle at the edge of time and space as our heroes fight for their very existence. And though lives are lost and sacrifices are made, our heroes prevail as they move on into an uncertain future. And while it may be a long time before we get to visit with our heroes again (after Marvel Studios' new attitude towards Netflix's Marvel shows, we never say never anymore), we leave them knowing they were given the love & respect they deserved for being so much for so many.

The Flash S09: The Ultimate Arrowverse Goodbye (BCTV Daily Dispatch)
THE FLASH (Image: The CW)

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