The Revival's Cash Wheeler Gets in Heated Grammar Feud on Twitter

Cash Wheeler, one half of the former WWE tag team formerly known as The Revival, has been in many an epic battle inside the squared circle. But Wheeler's greatest challenge may have come not inside the wrestling ring but in the hallowed halls of social media, where Wheeler found himself engaged in a heated back-and-forth over proper grammar usage.

The battle began when a Twitter user by the name of @1974cris tweeted a comment about Wheeler's tag team and a leaked plan from while The Revival was in WWE to repackage them in silly clothes, writing, "who's give a f**k they are not in @wwe anymore they wanted out they are nothing to talk about." Wheeler, seeing the tweet, decided to correct @1974cris on grammar, writing cheekily, "Who is give a F?"

The official logo of the WWE.
The official logo of the WWE.

Unfortunately, Wheeler left himself open to a grammar attack himself, and another user, @NotPunkAnymore, was quick to chime in with, "an*." But Wheeler wasn't having it, responding with an argument for why he would use "a" instead of "an" in this particular circumstance. "Incorrect," he wrote. "If I had spelled it "eff" then yes. But it's the actual letter, which is not a vowel. Thanks for playing."

But by this point, Wheeler was besieged from all sides, with another user, @DunklerSahnetee, tweeting, "so you're reading/spelling like a 5 year old? F is "fff". Ok." Wheeler fired back, "Didn't go over your head at all, buddy." And another user, @MrWorkrate, did his best to school Wheeler on proper grammar and insinuating Wheeler may have cost himself a fan with his improper usage, writing, "Man, I loved the Revival (and was ready to cheer them on in AEW/wherever) but this might be a dealbreaker. The sound, not the literal spelling, determines the a/an, fka Dash."

But ol' Cash Wheeler was unphased and quickly powered up for a comeback. "No Tom, if I wanted to use proper grammar then yes, I would use "an" before a vowel sound," Wheeler said. "If you weren't thick, you'd realize that defeats the whole purpose of mocking the original tweet without me actually having to spell out the cuss word." Things petered out after that, so it looks like this bout will have be scored a no contest.

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