WCW Star Disco Inferno Demands Proof of Asymptomatic COVID Spread

WCW star Disco Inferno once needed a diagram to apply his own finishing move, the figure four leglock, so it's no surprise that, after all this time, Disco still hasn't figured out why mask-wearing can help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Disco took to Twitter to question the effectiveness of mask-wearing, which is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and most medical professionals.

Disco Inferno is leading a boycott against AEW on Twitter. (Image: WWE)
Disco Inferno isn't about to take coronavirus advice from every major health organization on Earth like some kind of sheeple. (Image: WWE)

"Explain how if you are not immune-compromised why you need to wear a mask," Disco Inferno tweeted. "We are told to wear masks, but I doubt we have been told exactly and specifically why in detail, considering the risk factors based on age/underlying conditions."

When someone pointed out that the purpose of wearing the mask is to prevent spreading the virus, even if you may not know you are infected, Disco responded, "How do I spread it if I have no symptoms?" When someone pointed out that you can spread the virus even if you don't have symptoms, he tweeted, "I am aware. Do you know what the %chance of a person spreading the virus that eats healthy and exercises vs. %chance of someone that doesn't and/or has underlying conditions?"

Disco went on to wonder whether a person's diet and exercise habits affect their potential to spread the virus. "So what would the percentage chance of a person that exercises daily and eats healthy that hasn't missed but 1 day of work in 11 years to spread the virus versus the average person's chance of spread," he tweeted. When told there was no difference, he replied, "how? % chance of spread based on conditions– distance from person, amount of time spent in proximity, since sneezing and coughing is not present."

Disco continued to ask for explanations of how asymptomatic carriers spread the disease. When presented with a link to the CDC website, he responded, "I know all of this. Point out the information specifically where it says how asymptomatic people spread." He followed up in another tweet, "Before coronavirus started, based on how we have been educated, what did we do when we found out we are in proximity of someone that has the flu?"

Okay, The Chadster will play this game. WHO's Head of Emerging Diseases and Zoonoses, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhoveexplained in an interview back in April, "Most of the people who were thought to be asymptomatic aren't truly asymptomatic. When we went back and interviewed them, most of them said, actually I didn't feel well, but I didn't think it was an important thing to mention. I had a low-grade temperature or aches, but I didn't think that counted." In addition, Van Kerkhove and other doctors in that same article explained that respiratory droplets are not confined to coughs and sneezes, but can come from clearing one's throat, involuntary spitting while talking, or simply breathing. As for the percentages of spread from symptomatic vs. asymptomatic people, it would be impossible to tell without regular testing of everyone on the planet to compare. Of course, that's just from one article, but there's a wealth of resources here if Disco Inferno is interested in further reading.


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