WWE Legend Mick Foley Fires Back At GCW Star Matt Cardona

Most wrestling fans are in agreement that Matt Cardona was done pretty dirty by WWE when he worked there in his Zack Ryder days.  Cardona tried harder than just about anyone on the WWE roster to make a name for himself in and out of the company, actually succeeding in creating his own brand with his Youtube shows.  But WWE just wouldn't give him the spotlight and since ending his tenure with the company in 2020, Cardona has totally reinvented himself as an edge-skating mega heel in GCW and with that, has declared war on WWE Hall of Famer and fellow Long Islander Mick Foley.

WWE Legend Mick Foley Fires Back At GCW Star Matt Cardona
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Since making the jump to hardcore wrestling in GCW and taking on the likes of Nick Gage in Deathmatches (where he won the GCW World Championship), Matt Cardona has also adopted a new edgy persona where he does anything and everything to get under the skin of the GCW faithful.  This includes his months of taunting and challenging the long-celebrated "King of the Deathmatch" Mick Foley, whom Cardona wants to face in said match for that title.

The promotion held their most recent Pay Per View event, The Wrld on GCW, last night in New York City's iconic hardcore wrestling venue The Hammerstein Ballroom.  When entering the arena for his match against Joey Janela, Cardona wore Foley's trademark sleeveless red flannel shirt, but with one very noticeable addition: an iron-on graphic on the back reading "FUCK MICK FOLEY".

Well, the hardcore legend has seen enough, and today on his official Youtube channel, the Mickster addressed Cardona's attacks and his choice of attire last night.

In the video, Mick Foley started by saying he was actually happy for Cardona's recent accomplishments.  "While I appreciate the GCW fans flipping him off on my behalf, while I appreciate my friend, The Savage Gentlemen, whose wedding I officiated, that is real, wanting to do battle with him on my behalf.  The truth is, from a personal standpoint, I was happy for him."  Foley continued, "Yeah, it made me laugh because I felt like Matt was done wrong in WWE.  He reached for that brass ring, grabbed it, and was asked to return it.  Ultimately, everyone who leaves a major company has a choice to make when they hit the independent scene."

Foley then acknowledged Cardona's change in character and how it involves him.  "He's completely reinvented himself and in doing so has become one of the most enjoyable and valuable assets on the wrestling scene, and knowing that I'm playing just a small part in that reinvention, a tiny part, that makes me happy."

But then, just like when he rose up from the stretcher after The Undertaker tossed him off the side of the Hell In A Cell cage, Foley wasn't done just yet and needed to show he had some fire left in the tank by throwing out the big finale bomb in his video, "… in conclusion, fuck Matt Cardona!" (quotes via Fighful)

So while this seems like two generations of hardcore button-pushers are at each other's throats, I think we're just seeing some fun banter and Cardona doing what he does best, which is using social media to further his character and create fun subplots for fans to blur the lines of reality and give fans something fun away from the action in the ring.  If anyone can appreciate that, it's Mick Foley and it seems like he does.

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