WWE NXT 8/11/20 Report Part 1: A Really Hot Keith Lee Contract Signing

Well, we're halfway through Wednesday's four-hour wrestling block. I've recapped AEW Dynamite already — I always watch Dynamite live — so if you want to read these in the proper order, scroll down to the bottom for the table of contents and click on the AEW report. Otherwise, it's time to find out what happened on WWE NXT. Let's go!

WWE NXT 8/11/20 Report Part 1: A Really Hot Keith Lee Contract Signing (Image: WWE)
WWE NXT 8/11/20 Report Part 1: A Really Hot Keith Lee Contract Signing (Image: WWE)

WWE NXT Report for August 11th, 2020 Part 1

NXT starts with a video package for the Adam Cole and Pat McAfee nonsense last week and the Karrion KrossKeith Lee feud. Then Scarlett and Kross come to the ring. Tom Phillips is out and Vic Joseph is in on the commentary team with Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix. OMG! Phillips is gone?! This is the best night ever!

Danny Burch vs. Karrion Kross

Danny Burch comes out as the sacrificial lamb. Last week, Kross murdered him backstage. Burch wants revenge. He's not going to get it.

  • Burch comes out strong and goes right after Kross, clotheslining him out of the ring.
  • Kross pulls Burch out of the ring and murders him again.
  • Burch gets a little more offense in the match, just for show.
  • In one cool spot, Burch puts a crossface on Kross. The camera zooms in and Burch turns his head still in the lock and gives Burch a look of death. Then he lifts him up and slams him.
  • Kross puts Burch to sleep with the Kross Jacket.

NXT Championship Contract Signing

It was, as expected, a squash, but Kross looked good, which was the point. Keith Lee comes out after the match. He's got a clipboard. Kross cedes the ring to Lee. Lee cuts a promo on Kross. He calls him a little bitch. Lee begged William Regal to give him a match with Kross at Takeover XXX. He has a contract that only needs Kross's "punk-ass name" on it. He tosses the clipboard out of the ring. Scarlett grabs it and Kross signs. Scarlett kisses the contract and gives it back to Lee. Everyone stares awkwardly at each other for a bit. Lee picks up the contract slowly. When he opens it, a fireball blows up in his face. Officials and medical personnel rush the ring as Keith sells like his face has been melted off. As they usher him away, Lee screams, "WHERE's KROSS?!"

Lee being walked backstage goes on forever. I'm not sure why it's so important to show this, but they even keep it in split-screen while Drake Maverick makes his way to the ring. Killian Dain comes out next.

Drake Maverick vs. Killian Dain

  • After the match starts, the split-screen finally ends. Mauro Ranallo promises to keep us updated on the status of Keith Lee walking backstage.
  • NXT immediately goes to commercials, with picture-in-picture. Dain beats the crap out of Maverick during this.
  • After the break, the ambulance leaves with Keith Lee just as Undisputed Era arrive at Full Sail.
  • Someone eventually remembers there's a match going on and the show returns to the ring.
  • Drake Maverick hits an elbow drop on Dain.
  • Undisputed Era run out and beat up Maverick and Dain, ending the match.

Adam Cole grabs a mic and calls out Pat McAfee. He says Pat only knocked him out cold last week because he kicked him while Cole's arms were held behind his back. It will be different at NXT Takeover XXX. Cole dares McAfee to come to NXT next week and meet Cole face-to-face in the ring so Cole can cut this promo again to his face.

Vic Joseph channels Tom Phillips and plays us a video of the Breezango/Legado del Fantasma altercation from last week. Santos Escobar will face Tyler Breeze… right after some commercials.

KUSHIDA cuts a promo (subtitled) about the triple threat he'll be in later tonight for a shot at the NXT North American Championship ladder match at NXT Takeover XXX. Then Tyler Breeze comes to the ring. For once, we get to hear his full theme song. Escobar comes out. He tells Wilde and Mendoza to go backstage; he doesn't need them.

Tyler Breeze vs. Santos Escobar

  • It seems Escobar is right. He starts kicking Breeze's ass from the bell.
  • As Breeze gets a beat down, the announcers assure us that they are closely monitoring the situation of Keith Lee riding in an ambulance and will keep us updated.
  • The match goes to commercials without Breeze getting a single move in.
  • Breeze continues to get his ass kicked after the commercials.
  • Breeze finally attempts a comeback. He gets a few moves in.
  • Wilde and Mendoza run out now. They hop up on the apron and Breeze knocks them down.
  • But Escobar hits him with the Phantom Driver and gets the pinfall.

I thought Escobar didn't need those guys? Can he not handle 15 seconds of offense from Tyler Breeze of all people? Fandango comes out with a selfie stick and his arm in a sling to try to make the save. It doesn't work. He gets beat up. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott gives it a try. He clears the ring.

We get a video package for Dakota Kai vs. Io Shirai from Kai's perspective. NXT goes to commercials again. It feels like a lot of commercials tonight.

After the commercials, we get a video package for Ridge Holland talking about his second chance match for the North American Championship shot. Sorry, Ridge, but you blew it in your debut match. I see a career as a jobber in your future.

Indi Hartwell is in the ring. Backstage, Mia Yim is getting ready to come out and McKenzie Mitchell asks for an update on Keith Lee. She's like, I gotta wrestle, dude! Yim comes to the ring.

Indi Hartwell vs. Mia Yim

  • Hartwell gets a surprising amount of offense in this match.
  • Commentary sells this as Yim being distracted by the fireball attack on Keith Lee earlier, but that's just an excuse for them to bring it up again.
  • After getting her ass beat the entire match, Yim locks in an armbar and Hartwell taps out.

Mauro points out that Yim cracked a brief smile after the win but "now it's back to her reality" of Keith Lee, who was attacked with a fireball earlier, then walked backstage and left in an ambulance. Don't worry though. The commentary team will keep us appraised of Lee's status minute by minute.

In a video, Finn Balor talks about his second chance match for the North American Championship shot. Then NXT takes another commercial break.

We get another video package for Adam Cole vs. Pat McAfee. They'll fight at NXT Takeover XXX. On Twitter, McAfee accepted Cole's challenge to show up on NXT next week. Damian Priest comes to the ring. He'll be fighting Bronson Reed. You can read about it in part two of our NXT report. Click below.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Wednesday Night Wars Wrestling Recaps for August 11th, 2020.

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