WWE Payback Results: King Corbin Loses His Crown to Matt Riddle

The third match of WWE Payback pay-per-view event came fast on the heels of the Big E versus Sheamus fight, with the former taking home the victory against the Celtic Warrior. With King Corbin continuously taunting one of the newest additions to SmackDown, Matt Riddle had the most to gain in this match against his biggest condemner.

King Corbin entered the ThunderDome in typical royal fashion and must have had a boost in his confidence in the fight after seeing Matt Riddle walk away from his pre-match interview that occurred only moments before. Corbin, claiming that Riddle is not only a failure in the ring but a failure at home, set himself up in a good position to mentally shake the Smackdown newcomer. The issues form the interview aside, Matt Riddle entered the arena with confidence and engaged with the crowd before stepping within the ropes.

Corbin wasted absolutely no time and flattened Riddle with a clothesline before the match could even officially start. Even once the ref gave the all-clear, Corbin still had the upper hand, driving Riddle into the corner, and then the floor, and then outside the ring. The domination from the King allowed no chances for Riddle to utilize his MMA experience early on, as Corbin barely allowed his opponent any space to get a run of decent strikes in.

WWE Payback
A look at WWE Payback (Image: WWE)

Corbin taking a short break after a pin attempt ended up being a poor choice for the King, however, as Riddle immediately locked him into a sleeper hold which ultimately shifted the momentum of the match in his favor. The relentlessness of Corbin's attack dominated the smaller man incredibly effectively, but with Matt haphazardly striking at the bigger man, it was clear he was slowly getting the upper hand here. Riddle did learn from previous mistakes in the match, however, and took advantage or Corbin sliding back into the ring to land a well-placed kick to the side of the King's head. Landing strike after strike, Riddle managed to keep Corbin relatively dazed long enough to attempt a pin, but it was kicked out at a two count.

Even though a Deep-6 executed by Corbin was the best move of the entire match, Riddle's kick-out was the beginning of the end of the bigger man. Once he climbed to the top ropes, Riddle pulled off his titular Floating Bro and won the upset of the night against the King. Any bygones hoped to be had by the conclusion of the fight were quickly dashed, as "King of Friday Night SmackDown" attacked Riddle backstage immediately following the fight. Corbin has many strengths, but being a gracious loser is not one of them… Riddle better watch his back because this is far from over.

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