WWE Raw Report – Braun Strowman Finally Comes to Raw Underground

Well, I'm still trying to figure out what went on in that Mickie James vs. Asuka match that ended by ref stoppage while Mickie was in the middle of reversing an Asuka Lock to a pin. Twitter has no idea yet, though everyone agrees it was, like, super weird. But Raw goes on, and so must I recap it.

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

WWE Raw Report for September 14th, 2020

When we left in part two, Erik of the Viking Raiders and Bobby Lashley were about to square off in the ring.

Bobby Lashley vs. Erik

  • So now that Ivar has been unfortunately injured, it's time for Erik to get that long-awaited solo push!
  • Just kidding; there's no way he wins here.
  • Erik taps out to the Hurt Lock in about two minutes.

Yup. Sarah Shreiber asks Kevin Owens backstage why Aleister Black has a vendetta against him. Owens says maybe Hot Topic didn't honor a coupon for one of the screamy nonsense bands he likes. Heh. Kevin Owens wins the line of the night. He says maybe it's because hardly anyone cared enough about him to pick a fight while he was sitting in that dark room. Owens says it doesn't matter why. What matters is how Owens is gonna kick his ass tonight and make sure the beating he gives him reminds him every day from here on out of what happens when you pick a fight with Kevin Owens. Owens says he's not worried about how he's gonna do that because he's Kevin Owens.

Owens walks away, and Black is seen creepily watching him. A steel cage is being assembled as Raw takes a commercial break.

Shane McMahon talks to the Raw Underground bouncer when Braun Strowman approaches. Damn, the bouncer is like 6 inches taller than Strowman. Strowman tells them to get out of his way so he can go into Raw Underground. Shane lets him in. He still threatens Shane a little more before going in.

We see a video package for Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins because they're still getting the cage set up. Is this what happened? They needed to finish that Mickie James match that ended so weirdly so they could spend a half-hour setting up the cage?

Murphy visits Seth Rollins backstage. Murphy is upset about what the Mysterios did to him last week. Rollins says atonement and forgiveness are part of the process. What happened is in the past and tonight is an opportunity when Seth will be locked in a steel cage with Dominik Mysterio. This is the perfect opportunity to teach Mysterio and the world a lesson. But he needs to know if Murphy is prepared for his role tonight. Murphy says he is. Rollins slaps him then chokes him. His role is to stay backstage, so Rollins doesn't have to deal with his stupid mistakes again. He slaps him again for good measure.

I'm waiting for the /r/relationships post from Murphy about this. Advice: just dump him, bro. So many red flags. Raw takes another commercial break. Damn, it takes a really long time to set up a steel cage when you can't just lower it from the ceiling, I guess.

R-Truth cuts a promo on a Kit Kat. Liv Morgan gets involved. Then the Kit Kat pins R-Truth and becomes the new 24-7 champ. Buy Kit Kats, kids. Apparently, the cage still isn't ready, so the commentary team talks about how Talking Smack this weekend revealed that Mandy Rose had been traded to Raw. We see a Mandy Rose graphic. So like, is her relationship with Otis done? Will it even be addressed? Probably not. WWE is so weird about this stuff.

Finally, Seth Rollins comes to the damn ring and gets in the cage. Then Charly Caruso talks to the Mysterio family backstage. Dominik says if he wants to follow in his Dad's footsteps, he can't back down from challenges. Rey says he and Angie are more concerned than Dominik is. They're gonna be out there to support Dominik, but once the cage door shuts, Dominik is all on his own. On the other hand, so is Seth. Rey thinks Seth should be concerned about Dominik. The Mysterios make their entrance.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins – Steel Cage Match

  • I just noticed MVP is still on commentary. I guess Dolph Ziggler has gone to Raw Underground to bump for Braun Strowman–makes sense.
  • Dominik gets beat down, leading up to another commercial break after Murphy passes Rollins a kendo stick. Wait, I thought he was supposed to stay in the back? Why is WWE stalling so much on this steel cage match? Here's my new theory: the ref screwed up during that Mickie James match, and now they are actively trying to kill time because it was meant to go on longer.
  • Rey passes Dominik a kendo stick, and he beats Rollins with it.
  • This is one of those matches where you can win by pin or submission or by escaping the page, either over the top or through the door.
  • As such, at one point, while Mysterio is almost over the top, Rollins jumps up and does his superplex/falcon arrow combo.
  • Rollins wins with two stomps, literally the most boring way this match could have ended.

Rollins gives Murphy a sort-of hug after the match but then assaults him with the cage door for not listening to him and staying in the back. Then he talks some trash to Dominik's mom. He says he hopes Aalyah turns out better than Dominik. As the Mysterios head into the ring to check on Dominik, Aalyah stops to show some sympathy to Murphy. What's going on there?

Raw Underground

Shane McMahon welcomes us to Raw Underground. There is a match in progress involving Dolph Ziggler and a jobber. Dolph beats the jobber. Riddick Moss steps up to challenge Ziggler. They fight for a while, and then Braun Strowman runs in and beats them both up.

So Braun Strowman wins his first Raw Underground match… but who will step up to challenge him? Find out in the fourth and final part (thank god) of this Raw report.

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