Yellowjackets Episode 5 Preview: Visions of the Past Haunt Everyone

If you haven't caught up with the recent fourth episode of Showtime's Yellowjackets Season 1, go ahead & watch it and read my review and thoughts on it. The Showtime series is full of insanity so far and I couldn't be more intrigued by it all. The amazing crumbs given to audiences in a recent preview for episode five have provided me with more material for my growing theories and ideas of what may end up haunting the crash survivors.

Yellowjackets E05 Preview: Visions Of The Past Haunt Everyone
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First, Yellowjackets started this preview with something I should have expected to happen and it's Misty being a total creep on Ben…again. What I can only assume is "morning wood" from Ben, is being viewed by Misty for a second too long and she of course has to try and touch it. I have a feeling things will get worse between these two. Misty seems to have carried her tendency for control over sick or in-need individuals in her adult life at the nursing home almost like a weird replacement for Ben, someone who very much did not want as much help as she was "offering".

This odd moment in the cabin is followed by a preview of Misty and Natalie in the present figuring out help for breaking into emails, likely Travis'. I can't help but swoon over Juliette Lewis as adult Natalie in an awesome Pink Floyd shirt. Then immediately, some quick yet important moments flash in the preview, such as adult Shauna in the club, or as her annoying husband says "book club", with Adam. Her moments of euphoria, escaping the shit reality of home and the past are interrupted by a vision of a teen girl in the distance adorned in classic soccer team garb, a very familiar set of colors. If you look closely, the number on this girl's jersey says "9", the number Jackie wore on the Yellowjackets team. Either Shauna is carrying around regular guilt along with her affair guilt…OR she betrayed Jackie in those woods before rescue. My theory is that a lot more will end up involving Jackie, she was basically the team captain, and as we see she still remains one of the survivors of the crash itself. Could it be that Jackie is still alive? Or did Shauna do more than steal the boyfriend (who she'd end up marrying)?

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I'm interested to see what happens with these visions, ones that don't just affect one or two survivors, especially how Taissa deals with them and her creepy child. What is also important to note from this preview, is Lottie's scream towards the end. We've seen Lottie slowly run out of her medication, which we don't know what it's for but we can see her anxiety about it all grow. What could happen is that her realistic fears are soon to be ignored and glossed over by some teammates simply because it gets out that she's out of meds. A lot of what might come from their chances of survival can come from how they trust or listen to each other. It's going to be a crazy bumpy Yellowjackets road as we go on to this fifth episode. Let me know your theories and thoughts in the comments below! Remember to check in after the episode on Sunday for a fresh review.

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