5 Nerdy Puzzles to Pass the Time at Home With

A good portion of there world is stuck at home right now and looking for something to help keep them entertained. Are you getting tired of streaming or playing on your phone all day? Maybe you want something else to stimulate your brain. We hear you, and we understand; puzzles are a great way to keep your brain moving and shaking, and they can be a ton of fun too. Take a peek at these awesome and intriguing puzzles.


This impressive, 3D puzzle is ideal for all Game of Thrones fans. Hum the infamous tune to the pop culture hit, while you maybe pretend like the last season didn't happen. There are 845 pieces to this building — you'll absolutely keep busy with this one!


Wonder, power, and beauty; Wonder Woman has it all. Celebrate her amazing legacy with this awesome, family-friendly, two-sided puzzle. One side features the iconic Wonder Woman logo, while the other is a collage of comic art. This puzzle has 600 pieces which will keep you going for a while.


Time to re-create one of the best places in Diagon Alley. This puzzle is full of whimsical fun and love, this 285 piece puzzle will entertain every Harry Potter fan in your house — even if you're the only one.


Happy happy joy joy, this Stimpy 3D puzzle will keep you entertained for hours. This throwback to the '90s will help you think of happier times from your younger years when life was much simpler.


Gotham City, the iconic city that Batman protects, can be rebuilt in the comfort of your own home. This 3D map has 1200+ pieces — a daunting task for a brave hero. Will you be able to build your own Gotham to protect in your home? Only one way to find out.

Have a suggestion for us to cover in our next list? Let us know in the comments below which ones you love to build.


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