We Have A Little Bit Of The Bubbly W/ The AEW Jazzwares Jericho Figure

Thew new AEW Unrivaled figure line release is tomorrow, as wave one and rings and replica titles will invade Walmarts, and wrestling fans have another line to collect outside of the Mattel WWE line. There has already been one figure released in the new figure line, however. A special release, maybe one of the most special wrestling action figures there has ever been. It is the "Little Bit of the Bubbly" version of former AEW Le Champion Chris Jericho. This is a Ringside Collectibles exclusive release, and those of us that ordered one, while we saw the pictures, had no idea what we were in for when we ordered it.

AEW Unrivaled Is Off To A Smashing Start

Right off the bat: this is the greatest packaging for a wrestling figure of all-time. Housed in a box modeled after Jericho's Little Bit of the Bubbly wine, it is a shame this has to be opened. As a packaging nut, this is so creative and well-executed, they absolutely nailed this. The best part is that while you do have to take the packaging apart to get to the figure, it is easily reassembled for display. Even the figure tray is awesome, as they creatively used the longer packaging to space everything out and make sure it's all secure. Great stuff. Once you remove everything, you cannot help but laugh at this thing. Name me another action figure that comes with a cheese tray, an AEW championship, and a champagne bucket. I'll wait.

The Jericho figure is actually really impressive. In photos, the likeness looks a little soft, but in person, the features are pretty dead on. I love the fabric shirt he comes with, and as far as articulation goes, he has plenty of range of motion and stands very well. The figure also has some heft to it too; it feels substantial in your hands. One smart decision Jazzwares made with this line is keeping it in scale with other figure lines so that they can blend together on your shelf. This version of Chris would look fine right next to your Mattel ones, which is sweet. Even the title is well done. Some who ordered this got a belt with reversed plates, but the company has already said they will replace them. The biggest standout of the figure though, is his tattoos. They did a phenomenal job on these, right down to the smallest details. Some of the best work ever done on figure tattoos, and that is saying something.

This is one of the most exciting parts of this new line. That they wanted to come out of the gate with a figure like this one, something as silly and unique like this, and then on top of that hit such a home run with it is extremely encouraging going forward.

We Have A Little Bit Of The Bubbly W/ The AEW Jazzwares Jericho Figure
AEW Bubbly 12

This is a home run in their first at-bat. With the AEW Unrivaled series one figures set to hit stores this week, excitement is at an all-time high for wrestling figure collectors. This particular figure is one of three Chris Jericho's available at launch, as his series one release also has a limited chase version. Look for the figures in Walmarts this week, and while this one is on backorder, you can order it right now here.


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