Batman Detective Comics #1000 Statue Arrives From Prime 1 Studio

It has been quite some time since DC Comics released the milestone of Batman with Detective Comics #1000. However, that is not stopping Prime 1 Studio as they reveal their new DC Comics 1/3 Scale Batman Concept Statue Design by Jason Fabok. The statue is standing at a massive 41" tall and features the Dark Knight on Gotham City rooftop base as he looks over the city. Technically, three versions of the statue are getting released with a Standard, Deluxe, and even a bust version. Both standard and deluxe will feature a classic Batman suit emblem, and two head sculpts with forward and down positioned heads. The deluxe will get two other additional pieces with a swappable modern batsuit logo, a display bust for an additional head sculpt, and 2 extra heads.

This entire design is beyond remarkable with high attention to detail, dynamic pose, and swappable parts. The flowing cape is a true piece of art, and fans can customize the statue how they like with the huge variety of swappable pieces in that Deluxe version. These Prime 1 Studios statues are not cheap either, with the Standard coming in at $1,249, the Deluxe at $1,449, and the mini head bust is the cheapest option at $150. Pre-orders are set to go live today, with each expecting to release between June – September 2022. Fans can check out more information and pictures below; pre-orders will be able to be found here.

I am the night. I am Batman.

"Museum Masterline Batman (Comics) Batman Detective Comics #1000 (Concept Design By Jason Fabok) DX Bonus Version – Prime 1 Studio is, once again, extremely honored to collaborate with famed comic book artist Jason Fabok! Together, we are delivering the latest addition to the Museum Masterline DC superhero series: Jason Fabok's Batman from the landmark #1,000th issue of Batman: Detective Comics!"

"At a towering 41 inches tall, Batman watches over his city, perched on a gothic precipice, and surrounded by his nocturnal companions. As a dark guardian of Gotham City, Batman has been fully realized by the passionate artists of Prime 1 Studio: Batman's chiseled, crimefighter physique has been masterfully interpreted; billowing in the evening wind, his cape has been embellished with a distinct leather texture, and Batman stands on an intricately detailed love letter the Gotham aesthetic, complete with steam, wafting in the night air."

"This Deluxe version of Jason Fabok's Batman can switch between the classic yellow, oval chest logo and the newer gold-outlined bat symbol. Furthermore, not only does it come with the two swappable heads from the regular version (one can have Batman scanning the Gotham City skyline, and with the other, he is looking down on a likely criminal), but it also features a grizzled Batman head with trademark Fabok-styled 5 o'clock shadow, looking towards his left, and a cleaner-cut, but still furious Batman head, looking to his right. Finally, as if that were not enough, we are including an impressive head stand so you can display the extra head of your choice on a bust of Batman."


  • One (1) themed base
  • Four (4) Swappable Heads (Raised, Lowered, Left Facing, Right Facing)
  • Two (2) Chest Logos (Classic Yellow Oval, Current Gold-lined Large Bat)
  • One (1) Batman-Bust themed Head Stand
  • One (1) Art Print Hand-Signed by Jason Fabok [Deluxe Bonus Version Only]

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