Disney Parks 50th Anniversary McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Are Here

Disney World is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and excitement is at a fever pitch for us collectors right now. One way we are able to celebrate if not in the Parks this year is to head to McDonald's. They have partnered up for a line of  Fab 50 (!) happy meal toys celebrating characters from Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel. Each Fab 50 character also has a golden statue on display at the Parks right now. The toys will be in Happy Meals while supplies last through October, though many are already having issues keeping the toys in stock. As soon as I knew they were there, I had to grab a couple Happy Meals myself to start my journey in getting all 50.

Disney & McDonald's: Why No Orange Bird or Figment?

As a fast food collectors and packaging nerd, this Happy Meal box rules. A great shot of Cinderella's castle from the Magic Kingdom adorns the front, and the checklist of characters is on the sides. Here is the full list: Celebration Mickey Mouse, Flounder, Timothy Mouse, Abu, Genie, Bambi, Celebration Dale, R2-D2, Celebration Minnie Mouse, Sebastian, Bruni, Tinker Bell, Bo Peep, Cheshire Cat, Miguel, Joe Gardner, Celebration Daisy Duck, Celebration Goofy, Piglet, Lumiere, Frozone, Dory, Dante, BB-8, Celebration Pluto, Lady Tramp, Jaq, Rocket, Edna Mode, Jiminy Cricket, Simba, Winnie The Pooh, Cogsworth, Gus, HeiHei, Mad Hatter, Stitch, Woody, Groot, Olaf, Pua, Pinocchio, Celebration Donald Duck, Dumbo, Pumbaa, Thumper, Celebration Chip, Nemo, and Timon. 

I really like these. Each comes with a little plastic stand that features a hologram of the respective park the character is known for being a part of, so in this instance Woody for Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios and Stitch, who greets guests in the Magic Kingdom. The figures are a little better than other giveways, and they peg into the base for a cool little keepsake.

I do have to ask though, Disney and McDonald's: why did you replace Orange Bird and Figment in the Happy Meals with Genie and Pinocchio? They are the only two Fab 50 characters with statues in the Parks that didn't get a toy. They are also two Parks favorites, and since this line is celebrating that, why would you do that? For shame.

These Disney World Happy Meal toys are available now.

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